"I saw more bodies than I care to report."
Faye Wachs, an American who was diving with her husband in Thailand as the tsunami hit, on its aftermath

"His spirit will live on in the character of Detective Lennie Briscoe from 'Law & Order,' a beloved cop who always got his man, and I know Jerry will keep making his audiences smile."
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a statement on the death of Jerry Orbach, a screen and stage veteran originally from the Bronx

"For those working to get ahead, this is a scene from 'The Grinch Who Stole My Education'."
New Jersey Sen. Jon Corzine, on the Department of Education's new formula for calculating eligibility for college financial aid, a move that will eliminate federal Pell Grant funding for an estimated 80,000 to 90,000 low-income students

"I told him I really need the money, also. You can't rob a broke man."
Sean Cuthkelvin, a chauffeur for rappers Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes, on how he negotiated with a man who robbed him at gunpoint in Brooklyn, N.Y., to keep his jewelry and $20. Cuthkelvin then contacted police, who apprehended and charged the alleged gunman.

"You tell people, and they don't believe it. Everybody's trying to climb to the top of that mountain, and you tell them, 'Don't go there--your nose bleeds'."
Clarinetist Artie Shaw, a giant of swing-era jazz, on the perils of fame. He died last week at 94.

"I will vote even if it costs me my life. This election, for us, is like a line between life and death--and we have to choose life."
Iraqi university student Fidaa al-Mawla, on the country's upcoming elections

"It promises to be a rewarding opportunity to learn more about the operation of our airline and come face to face with our customers."
Excerpt from an e-mail sent by bankrupt US Airways to staff, asking nonunion workers who were not scheduled for duty over New Year's weekend to volunteer to work without pay

"I feel like I'm in Fallujah. I don't have enough soldiers. The enemy is out there. And we're fighting the same battle over and over and over again."
Camden, N.J., Police Chief Edwin Figueroa, on the city's recent ranking as America's most dangerous

"I hope this is the first step toward a statewide noodling season."
Howard Ramsey, president of Noodlers Anonymous, on the Missouri Conservation Commission's approval of an experimental "noodling" season next summer. Engaging in the sport, in which people catch catfish with their hands, has long been a misdemeanor punishable by fines.

"I promise this thing is 100 percent legitimate."
Wade Jones, of Belmont, N.C., after selling a few tablespoons of water from a cup he says Elvis drank from during a 1977 concert. Jones got $455.