"When Buddy Holly died, they always said it was the day the music died. Well, with Schulz's death, it is just like the day the laughter died." Longtime "Peanuts" fanMay Kobold,of Santa Rosa, California, mourning creator Charles Schulz

"With the people of Israel watching, I bow in humility before those murdered, before those who don't have graves where I could ask them for forgiveness." German PresidentJohannes Rau,who spoke the first German words in Israel's Knesset during a speech in which he asked for forgiveness for Nazi atrocities that killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust

"There are laws that don't let people have their own lives, and we will try to change that." Mohammed Reza Khatami,leader of the reformist's parliamentary ticket and brother of the Iranian president on what his party hopes to accomplish in a changing Iran

"I can't put it back if only one part goes back on the track--it has to be all the parts." Irish Prime MinisterBertie Ahern,on the breakdown of the Northern Ireland peace talks and suspension of the Northern Ireland government

"You train for that, you prepare for that. There's nothing aggressive about that." A senior Indian officer on the war games India conducted last week 60 miles away from the Pakistani border

"This has been the best 25 hours and 19 minutes of my life so far." Michael Kobrick,NASA scientist at Houston's Mission Control, describing his reaction to the preliminary results of the space shuttle Endeavor's groundbreaking mission to map Earth in never-before-seen detail

"We won't know the real extent of the damage until an evaluation can be carried out in spring. But we know already that the rehabilitation of the river will take decades." A report from the World Wide Fund for Nature on the catastrophic cyanide spill in Romania that has contaminated the Tisza and Danube Rivers, killing scores of fish in Yugoslavia, Romania and Hungary

"But there was no way the church could lift the heretic label. Bruno contested the Virgin Mary and said Jesus was a wizard." Giuseppe Martelli,a teacher and labor-union organizer explaining why the Roman Catholic Church issued a statement last week saying it "regretted" burning Giordano Bruno, an Italian 16th-century rationalist and philosopher, but stopped short of apologizing as it did for condemning Galileo as a heretic

"I think we've moved from the permafrost into slightly softer ground.'' NATO Secretary GeneralGeorge Roberston,on the current state of relations between the alliance and Russia since the conflict in Kosovo

"It took something like this to make the Miss America pageant look good to me." Patricia Ireland,president of the National Organization for Women, referring to the would-be brides on parade during the Fox Network's special "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?"