""We'll give you lawyers; you could give us engineers.''

President Clinton, in response to Chinese President Jiang Zemin's statement that China has only 115,000 lawyers

""I have apologized to the England players and management, and I want every England supporter to know how deeply sorry I am.'' England World Cup midfielderDavid Beckham(and Spice Girl fiance), after being sent off the field in an elimination match against Argentina

""It's a feeling that's like the day I got married, the day my children were born and the day I first had sex rolled into one!'' Alberto Berrucci,54, an Argentine cellular-phone salesman, celebrating his team's World Cup victory over England

""He's better than our guys. He is willing to talk about anything--pollution, human rights, anything goes.'' Shanghai dump-truck driverLuo Zhigang, on Clinton, who last week wrapped up his state visit to China

""I was absolutely drained for two days. It was really sad to see this little girl running around and to know what happened to her when she grew older.'' Charles, Earl Spencer, on the anguish of editing home movies of his sister Princess Diana, for the memorial museum that opened this week at the family estate, Althorp House

""I'm embarrassed to be here.'' Lindy Jamieson, a secretary who had visited the Diana museum at the request of a friend

""Go ahead, take everything I own; take my dignity. Feel good as you grow fat and rich at my expense; sucking my tax dollars and property.'' From a 1993 letter Oklahoma City bomberTimothy McVeighwrote to the Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Service in response to a request that he return $1,058 he had been overpaid in salary

""It was like two cement blocks hit me.'' Paul Shimkonis,on a suit he filed against Clearwater, Fla., topless bar Diamond Dolls, for injuries he claims to have sustained at his bachelor party two years ago in an encounter with generously proportioned stripper Tawny Peaks

""We didn't want her to look like she had come from the hairdresser.'' HairstylistBulent Bozdemir, on a pre-grand-jury session for Clinton sex-scandal figure Linda Tripp, whose hair was less than salon-perfect on her first day of testimony

""It is hard to understand how this is serving any useful purpose to God or to politics.'' The Rev.John O' Sullivan,pastor of a Roman Catholic church in the hamlet of Aldergrove, near Belfast, on last week's arson attacks on 10 churches in Northern Ireland

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