Pet Owner Brilliantly Disguises Dog for Landlord Home Visit

A woman came up with a genius way to disguise her pet dog after claiming her landlord was dropping round unexpectedly.

We all have that moment of panic as we survey piles of washing up and ominous stains on the floor after being informed of an impromptu visit. It's one of the downsides of renting, along with some places not allowing our four-legged friends.

So one pet owner got creative when trying to disguise her pet, Mocha, a female Pomeranian. The woman, from Melbourne, Australia, shared a clip to her TikTok page, the aptly called @mochapom, on Wednesday.

She simply captioned it "imposter pom," as she pans a tidy bedroom, filled with snaps of Mocha. While the on-screen caption says: "The landlord is coming over for an inspection and we aren't allowed pets."

The bed features a similar-shaped pillow to the pup, while there's a framed photo on the bedside tables on each side of the bed. It pales in comparison to the giant framed artwork of the photogenic dog hanging on the wall—meaning the real Mocha is well-camouflaged.

As she films the inviting bedroom, she turns the camera to what looks like an oddly-shaped plant in the corner, which on closer inspection is revealed to be Mocha herself.

The cute pup has been popped into what appears to be a beige vase, rocking a string of daisies around her head, with her black-and-tan fur perfectly matching the receptacle.

The clip has already amassed more than 1 million views, but it's not nearly as popular as some on the page, with one of Mocha's videos racking up more than 18 million clicks. You can see the clip here.

The adorable pup is something of a celebrity among dogs in Australia, featuring on TikTok's official ad campaign and even on the local news.

And it's not hard to see why, with the mutt sporting perfectly coiffed fur, with literal puppy-dog eyes which are clearly melting the hearts of millions.

Chatting more about their beloved pet on Instagram stories, the owner revealed: "Sleeping beauty. Fun fact: Mocha's registered name is 'Sleeping Beauty.' I was told by her breeder that she was the quiet one of the litter and loved to sleep.

"When she finally arrived home to me, I saw this for myself. She always wanted to be close by and would end up falling asleep on my feet while I was doing things around the house."

It seems cleverly hiding from "landlords" or when it's time to go to the vet comes easily to Mocha, as the owner added, alongside a snap of the snuggled up pooch: "Anyone else's dog like to hide going to sleep? Mocha likes to hide her face.

"Here, she had her face dug in the pillow just before I took the picture. Other times she likes to hide in corners or even place her head on the legs of chairs which looks so uncomfortable."

Current and aspiring dog owners have been drooling over Mocha's cuteness through the screen, with Puggy Smalls saying: "The pawfect disguise."

Nicole B quipped: "Plant move? No it's the air conditioning."

While One Piece Rules joked: "I can't see anything I can only see a plant what are you guys talking about?"

Newsweek reached out to Mochapom for comment.

File photo of a Pomeranian.
File photo of a Pomeranian. A woman cleverly disguised her dog as a houseplant for her landlord's imminent visit. Getty Images/Irina Nedikova