Pete Buttigieg's Campaign Calls on Nevada Democratic Party to Correct 'Errors' in Caucus Count

The Democratic presidential campaign of former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg requested that the Nevada State Democratic Party correct "errors and inconsistencies" in the caucus count, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Sunday.

According to its letter to the party dated February 22--the day of the Nevada caucuses -- the Buttigieg campaign asked for three main things: to disclose early vote and in-person vote numbers by precinct; fix "any outstanding early vote and second alignment errors identified by presidential campaigns"--including Buttigieg's; and describe the "anomalies in the data."

In the letter, Michael Gaffney, the ballot access and delegates director, wrote: "By most accounts, early voting itself was a success. ...The process of integrating early votes into the results of the in-person precinct caucuses, however, was plagued with errors and inconsistencies."

He added that the campaign received "more than 200 incident reports...including a few dozen related to how early vote factored into the in-person results. In some cases, the early vote data was not delivered or was delivered after the caucus began. In some locations, early votes were not used in calculating viability or determining the strength of each preference group."

Towards the end of his letter, Gaffney wrote: "We know that you have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to ensure that the caucuses would be a success. We only ask that you take the time in the next 24-48 hours to deliver on that goal by offering the level of transparency and accuracy that you have promised throughout this process."

Molly Forgey, the spokeswoman for the Nevada Democratic Party, released a statement in response to Buttigieg's campaign request, as reported by the Review-Journal:

"We laid out our early vote and caucus day processes step by step, and we communicated these processes to all campaigns. We are continuing to verify and to report results. We never indicated we would release a separate breakdown of early vote and in-person attendees by precinct and will not change our reporting process now. As laid out in our recount guidance, there is a formal method for requesting a challenge of results."

The Buttigieg campaign request comes amid major problems that occurred during the Iowa caucuses a few weeks ago that led to reporting delays.

Buttigieg's rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, was projected as the winner of the Nevada caucuses Saturday evening, according to multiple media outlets. As of Sunday morning, the results with 60 percent of precincts reporting show Sanders formidably ahead with 46 percent, followed by Joe Biden at 19.6 percent and Buttigieg at 15.3 percent.

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Correction 9:55 PM ET: This story has been updated to correct a misspelling of Buttigieg's last name in the second paragraph.

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