Everyone Is Talking About This Viral Eye Cream for Bags - As Seen on TikTok

TikTok user @trinidad1967 has gone viral after sharing the cream she uses to tackle her under eye bags.

A day after uploading her video, it has been viewed over 14 million times and received 2.5 million likes.

Beginning her video, she explained: "I'm getting ready for work and I wanted to share something with you guys. You see all these bags under my eyes?

"I'm 54, anyways I'm very self-conscious of them."

Holding a tube of the cream up to the camera she continued: "I found this and it works amazing, I'm gonna show you."

She then applied a small amount of the cream under her left eye, leaving her right eye so viewers could see the comparison.

As the cream dried, her eye bag seemingly disappeared from view and the difference between her left and right eye was stark.

"It stays like this all day," she added.

What Is the Viral Eye Cream Seen on TikTok?

Having only shared a glimpse of the tube in her initial video, in a subsequent TikTok she revealed it was the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye Temporary Eye Tightener.

It typically retails for $38 though is currently out of stock on some sites including Ulta, Amazon and Walmart.

According to the brand's website, the cream works thanks to three key ingredients: Firm-A-Tite, Eyeliss and Eye Regener.

They work by temporarily lifting, firming and tightening the appearance of skin, and diminishing the look of under-eye puffiness.

Since her viral video, Peter Thomas Roth has now reached out to @trinidad1967 and offered to send her some more products.

One user commented "I work at Sephora and everyone is coming in talking about you. Sold out of the face and eye cream!"

Others commented that she deserved a commission cheque after influencing so many people to buy the brand's products.


Peter Thomas Roth contacted me!!!@peterthomas9821

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What Causes Under Eye Bags?

In her viral video @trinidad1967 revealed that she sometimes feels so self-conscious about her under eye bags that it makes her cry.

She also explained that she first noticed them after having weight-loss surgery.

According to Mayo Clinic, bags under the eyes usually occur with age as the tissues and muscles around your eyelid begin to weaken.

They can appear as sagging or loose skin, dark circles, or swelling or puffiness under the eye.

They can be worsened by smoking, fluid retention, lack of sleep and allergies. Under eye bags can also be hereditary.

Cutting back on salty food, taking an antihistamine if you have allergies, getting more sleep and applying a cold compress are all ways that can help improve your under eye bags.

If the swelling is severe, painful, itchy, red or persistent, speak to your doctor.

Woman applies cream under her eye
Woman applies cream under her eye Getty Images