PewDiePie Congratulates T-Series, But 9-Year-Old Army Won't Give Up

YouTube's biggest war between online superstar Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg and Bollywood production company T-Series has finally reached its breaking point. Over the weekend, T-Series managed to pull ahead in subscriber count, at one point surpassing Pewds by more than 100,000 subs. In response, the metaphorical white flag was waved and Pewds released his "Congratulations" music video.

The Swedish YouTuber has mentioned multiple times over the past few months that he had created a video for when T-Series became the most subscribed channel on the platform. But the "9-year-old army" (what Kjellberg calls his fan base) just wouldn't give up and kept subscribing, tightening the sub gap every time it got close. The video features a pair of YouTubers: RoomieOfficial on chorus vocals and Boyinaband who wrote the lyrics. Boyinaband had worked with IDubbbz on his "Asian Jake Paul Content Cop" video, which featured a brief cameo with Kjellberg.

Since "Congratulations" was released, something strange but not unexpected has happened: PewDiePie is number one again. Mr.Beast, a YouTuber that's worn "subscribe to PewDiePie" shirts at the Super Bowl and bought billboards advertising Kjellberg's channel, tweeted yesterday that "we should get him back to number one again just to make things weird." Within 24 hours, PewDiePie was number one again.

Pewdiepie is winning again lol

— MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) April 1, 2019

Is PewDiePie Winning T-Series Feud?

YouTube channels dedicated to streaming the live subscriber counts of PewDiePie and T-Series have been full of users, with FlareTV having 15,000 viewers alone. The chat is full of PewDiePie fans spamming "congratulations" and "let's go." To many this seemingly made-up feud between an Indian music video channel and a YouTuber that's been in more controversies than most, seems peculiar. But to the fans that live and breathe PewDiePie's content, this is an actual movement. When Pewds is in top, so are they alongside the other 92 million subscribers on the channel.

The war may never truly be over between PewDiePie and T-Series. Each channel has mobilized their respective fan bases to push their own agenda and subscriber count up. When the subscriber count dips again and T-Series looks like they are going to come out on top, PewDiePie's fans are going to earn it back.