PEZ Reveals Real Way to Load Dispenser After Viral Video Showed Fake 'Hack'

PEZ has confirmed exactly how you're meant to load its candy dispensers, after a misleading viral video convinced millions of viewers that there was a secret trick.

The clip, posted by TikTok user @sonn1c two days ago, suggested that you could insert a roll of candies into the dispenser while they were still in the wrapper.

The video, which has been watched more than 23 million times, gave the impression that if you place the PEZ packet in the bottom of the dispenser and then push the top down, the wrapper will come out of the bottom and leave the candies inside.

The footage attracted more than 3 million likes—and many comments from disgruntled viewers who said they had spent their childhoods struggling to get the candy into the dispenser.

"I've been doing this wrong my whole life," wrote one TikTok user.

"My whole life was a lie," posted another.

However, the jump cuts in @sonn1c's footage raised suspicions for other viewers, who guessed that the "hack" was a hoax. It seems the TikToker had simply placed a screwed-up wrapper in the bottom of the dispenser before filming the second half of the video.

"Just tried it with my kids and it didn't work," wrote one viewer.

One YouTuber even tried to recreate the viral "hack" video—and was unsurprisingly unsuccessful. The man was unable to push down the dispenser and ended up almost breaking it. "I think this might be c***," he summarized.

Now the questions can all be put to one side: PEZ itself has confirmed that the TikTok "hack" is not real.

"Myth busters: You can't load a wrapped PEZ candy roll from the bottom. Check out the proper way. Bonus if you get all 12 tablets in the first try," the company wrote on Instagram, alongside a video demonstrating how to load the dispenser.

Much to the frustration of viewers, the PEZ "proper way" is the method we all know but don't love. First, you undo the wrapper but don't take it off. Then you line up the roll against the tray, before flipping and sliding in the candies. Finally, you push all the candies into the dispenser.

The company posted the same video to its TikTok account, with the straightforward caption: "PEZ candy doesn't magically unwrap itself when pushed through the bottom of a dispenser."

It might not be as easy as the hack looked, but at least it actually works.

Pez dispensers with character heads
A museum display of PEZ dispensers, seen on August 12, 2003, in Easton, Pennsylvania. The confectionery company has debunked a viral video offering a "hack" for loading candies quickly. William Thomas Cain/Getty Images