Man Paralyzed After Police Shooting Claims Phoenix Cops Filed False Report

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Edward Brown of Phoenix may never walk again after a foot chase with a cop that ended with Brown's getting shot in back.

Brown claims he was crouching on the ground, but the pursuing officer accused him of trying to wrestle his gun away.

On September 24, Brown, who is paralyzed from the chest down, lifted his shirt before reporters to reveal a gunshot entry wound on the middle of his back.

Brown's attorney Tom Horne alleges the Phoenix police officer who shot Brown overreacted.

"[Brown] had his back to him so there was no reason to shoot him," Horne told Newsweek.

In the police report, which is summarized in a Phoenix Police Department release, Brown is painted as the aggressor. He is accused by police of doing drugs with two others, and, after trying to run away, allegedly grabbing for the cop's service weapon.

"If Edward had been trying to get the police officer's gun like the police said he did, he would have been shot in the front, not in the back," Horne said, adding that "in my motion to reduce bail, a civil action contemplated."

Brown was allegedly spotted by a passerby standing outside at around 4 p.m. on August 5, along with two other "suspicious persons," and "using drugs" in an alley on West Heatherbrae Drive near West Devonshire Avenue, according to a Phoenix Police release from the time of the incident.

As the responding police officer approached the alley, the release adds, "one of the subjects fled on foot and one of the officers chased him."

While not identified, it appears that Brown is the man who attempted to get away, and as he reached West Glenrosa Avenue, he allegedly tried to hop over the fence, the release states.

Overview of street where Edward Brown, 35, was shot by a Phoenix police officer after a foot chase and accused of grabbing for his firearm. Google Maps

The police officer, who has been officially identified only as being 26 years old with two years on the force, pursued Brown who had hopped two fences, before he became fatigued.

"He climbed two fences and was too tired to climb the third fence," Horne said.

The officer closed in on the winded Brown and allegedly "gave the suspect commands to stop," the release states. Brown came down from the fence.

Then, according to the release, "[Brown] crouched down, facing away from the officer."

Horne said the distance between the cop and Brown "remains in dispute."

His client, he says, "was too far away for him to reach for the gun," Horne said, adding he's confident that Brown never approached or lunged toward the officer.

But the officer who had already drawn his weapon and "continued to give verbal commands" blames Brown for disregarding him and reported that the accused wrestled for his gun.

"The suspect stood up, turned and charged at the officer, grabbing at his gun," according to the release.

The officer, however, kept a grip on the weapon and shot Brown.

"The officer maintained control of his weapon and shot the suspect stopping the threat," the release notes.

Brown was resuscitated at the scene of the shooting and was rushed to a hospital.

The officer, the release notes, also suffered unspecified minor injuries.

When reached by Newsweek, a Phoenix Police Department spokeswoman refused to comment on the matter "due to pending litigation."

Brown was charged with marijuana possession and aggravated assault on an officer, court records show.

He's due back in court for oral arguments on October 3.

In addition to announcing a possible civil lawsuit, Horne's motion sought to reduce or in his words "eliminate" Brown's $50,000 bond for the aggravated assault and $1,800 for the marijuana violation.

According to court records, Brown has several priors, including a 2013 case in which he pleaded guilty to committing unwanted flight from officers, a marijuana violation, and he pleaded guilty to a burglary in 2014.