Photos: After the Drought, California Deluged With Rain

The San Francisco Bay Area is being hit with a severe storm that is bringing high winds and heavy rain that have toppled trees and power lines. Justin Sullivan/Getty

It's been called a #BayAreaStorm, a #stormaggedon, a #rainpocalypse and a #hellastorm. Whatever it is, it brought a deluge of rain and wind to northern California Thursday, inspiring a storm of coverage on social media.

More than 100,000 PG&E customers have lost power in San Francisco due to a substation outage. Thousands more on every side of the bay were reported to be without electricity. Schools in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and more were closed for the day, along with San Francisco State University and City College of San Francisco.

The storm comes after a severe drought has plagued the state, and will the much-needed rain will go some way in mitigating the impact of the drought, according to AccuWeather. Unfortunately, the storm could also cause flooding, mudslides, and other damage.

People pick up free sandbags at the San Francisco Department of Public Works corporation yard on December 10, 2014. Justin Sullivan/Getty

Californians started tweeting in anticipation of the storm.

Pretty accurate depiction of anticipatory mood in SF hours before #rainageddon #hellastorm

— Jim Murphy (@jimmurphySF) December 11, 2014

We're ready for anything on the Google campus. #hellastorm #rainpocalypse

— Jeremy Joslin (@jcj) December 11, 2014

As the intense rain came down on Thursday, social media was flooded with comments and photos about the storm, generating a short list of hashtags, from the straightforward #BayAreaStorm to the unmistakably Bay Area-influenced #hellastorm.

Workers furiously making sand bags @ SClara Valley H20 District. Sand also being rushed to areas prone to flooding

— Matt Bigler (@mattbigler740) December 11, 2014

Big #BayAreaStorm arrives — rain, wind, outages packing punch:

— San Francisco Chronicle (@sfchronicle) December 11, 2014

Car at a standstill due to flooding in South San Francisco. (Via @OneTakeJake2) #BayAreaStorm

— Luke Johnson (@Scoop_Johnson) December 11, 2014

Here's the parking lot of a Safeway in Sonoma County. #BayAreaStorm

— Brodie Brazil (@BrodieNBCS) December 11, 2014

Glad I didn't try taking it today. MT @kurtisalexander: Montgomery BART closed because of power outage. #BayAreaStorm

— Britnee Tanner (@BritneeTanner) December 11, 2014

South San Francisco #BayAreaStorm

— Los Medanos News (@LMC_Experience) December 11, 2014

#Storm drain we excavated last night from under 5 inches of soil and leaves. Now working beautifully! #BayAreaStorm

— Katrinka Reinhart 任春霞 (@kat_reinhart) December 11, 2014

101freeway at Oyster Point at 8:15. I literally sailed thru. #rainpocalypse @KCBSNews @KQED

— Connie Guglielmo (@techledes) December 11, 2014

Stop lights out all over the city. Counted 26 down during my drive from Turk & Masonic to Bush & Montgomery. #BayAreaStorm #hellastorm

— Leah Millis (@LeahMillis) December 11, 2014

PHOTO: flooding on Hwy 1 at the Manor Drive overpass in #Pacifica. More #BayAreaStorm updates

— KQED (@KQED) December 11, 2014

This used to be the pumpkin patch in Petaluma. #BayAreaStorm

— Lori A. Carter (@loriacarter) December 11, 2014

Massive oak tree crashes into SUV /home in West San Jose. Fortunately no injuries but LOTS of damage.

— Matt Bigler (@mattbigler740) December 11, 2014

Some joked that Bay Area residents just aren't prepared to deal with winter weather or expressed skepticism about the severity of the weather.

Folks in the Bay Area don't have #winterskin. They can't handle a #Snowmageddon let alone a #BayAreaStorm ..ha!

— Clay dé SOUZA (@cdesouza39) December 11, 2014

School is canceled for our first-ever rain day tomorrow. Surely, the entire East Coast is laughing at us?#hellastorm

— nicolewong (@nicolewong) December 11, 2014

#California prepares for #stormageddon. Or as the rest of the country calls it, #rain.

Are you fortifying your bunker for the #hellastorm?

— AJ+ (@ajplus) December 11, 2014

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