Photos of Car Suspended by Utility Cables After Crash Shock Viewers Online

After photos emerged of a shocking car crash that left a vehicle suspended in midair, online viewers have once again found a way to inject humor into any situation.

According to a report from WJHL, the accident occurred on Thursday in Bristol, Tennessee. The driver allegedly turned off from the highway onto a local street without adjusting his speed. His 2005 Toyota Corolla, unable to slow down, crossed the road and came to a stop when the vehicle became entangled in a nearby utility pole's wires.

Photos of the gnarly car crash show the vehicle dangling in midair. The car's back bumper and trunk are seen precariously hanging off of the vehicle, and part of the utility pole, which supports cables used for local communication towers, is also apparently damaged.

One photo in particular struck a chord with Reddit users shortly after the accident was reported. Despite the severity of the wreck, many found humor in the odd final resting spot the car was discovered in.

"Yeah, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here. It all started..." one user wrote. Another, noting the pharmacy sign in the background, joked, "Perfectly timed as CVS's Band-Aids were completely sold out."

Another added, "So that's what happened to my wi-fi last night." According to WCYB, local residences and businesses in the immediate area lost power and electricity for a few hours after the crash.

WCYB also reported that local police captain Charlie Thomas identified the driver as Donald Vincent Williams, who was not injured in the wreckage. The 31-year-old Virginian, however, was allegedly driving despite having a suspended license.

One Reddit viewer who claimed to live in the Bristol area added what they saw at the scene. "I live, like, 10 min away from that CVS. It was honestly pretty impressive ngl," they wrote. "It takes some skill to f**k up that bad."

"Sucking at driving this bad should bar you from driving for life," another Redditor remarked.

Thomas confirmed to the outlet that Williams now faces criminal charges including reckless driving and operation of a vehicle on a suspended license.

Several viewers even made pop culture references to the Disney-Pixar series Cars, DC's Superman and Tiger Woods' recent horrific crash that resulted in his hospitalization. Woods recently shared his first photos since the accident, telling fans he is on the mend.

The internet has gone into a frenzy after photos emerged of a car wreck that left one vehicle in the air hanging by cable wires. Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis/Getty Images