Hacktivist Collective Anonymous Stages 'Million Mask' Marches

Thousands gathered in dozens of cities across the world for a loosely-organized protest against government corruption.
Hacktivist Collective Anonymous Stages 'Million Mask' Marches Paul Hackett/Reuters

Thousands affiliated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous gathered in cities around the world yesterday in a loosely organized annual protest timed to coincide with Guy Fawkes Day.

Police in Denver arrested ten for graffiti vandalism, the Los Angeles Times reports, while London police also made several arrests, according to The Independent, after clashes broke out between protesters and police.

Anonymous claims to be a leaderless collective opposed to government corruption and social injustice. People claiming to be members of the group have been behind a number of high-profile attacks on the websites of prominent organizations, including the Church of Scientology and the governments of Tunisia and Israel.

A supporter of the Anonymous movement wearing a Guy Fawkes mask offers a flower to police officers during a part of the global "Million Mask March" protests in Los Angeles, California November 5, 2014 Jonathan Alcorn/Reuters