Photos: Life in Ukraine

Photographer Alan Chin captures life on Ukraine's front lines.
Photos: Life in Ukraine Alan Chin for Newsweek

As Ukraine battles with pro-Russia seperatists to maintain its fragile independence, civilians try go on with their daily lives. To accompany reporter Lucian Kim's story, "Behind the Scenes With Ukraine's Guards," photographer Alan Chin captured life on Ukraine's front lines.

Whether in schools, banks or on its borders, Ukrainians are reminded daily of the heavy toll wrought by the fighting, with almost 5,000 people dead in the nearly year-long conflict.

A solider stands guard in Sartana, Ukraine, December 17, 2014. Troops from the Mostyska Detachment of the DPSU (State Border Guard Service of Ukraine), normally based in western Ukraine near the Polish border, have been sent to the front lines near Mariupol in the town of Sartana. Alan Chin for Newsweek