Photos Show Baby Seal Stranded on Long Island Road Being Rescued by Police

Police in New York have released images of a baby seal that was stranded on a road in Long Island.

Southampton Town Police Department said in a Facebook post on Sunday that 911 dispatchers received a call early that morning about a seal that had been spotted on a roadway in the hamlet of Riverside.

Officers attended the scene and the baby harbor seal tried to flee, but eventually they managed to capture the animal.

"Our officers were able to detain the seal until the seal was taken into custody by the Riverhead Foundation," the police department said in the statement, referring to a local non-profit dedicated to the rescue of marine animals.

The seal is being evaluated and cared for by the Riverhead Foundation and will be released at a future date, according to officials.

The police department later posted several images of the seal during its foray in Riverside, which is located in the eastern portion of Long Island.

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One Facebook user said in a response to the images: "How the hell did it get there?"

Another said: "I definitely think somebody dumped the seal here and took it from the beach. Why would a seal be randomly in the middle of the road. So happy it was rescued and it didn't get hit by a car."

Harbor seals are one of the most common marine mammals found along the U.S. coasts, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries.

These seals grow to lengths of around 5-6 feet and can weigh anywhere between 180 to 285 pounds as adults.

They are often seen resting on rocks and beaches along the coast, as well as on floating ice in glacial fjords.

Harbor seals are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

A similar incident involving a rogue seal occurred recently in a resort town in England. A member of the public spotted a grey seal pup, thought to be between 4 and 5 weeks old, heading toward a road filled with cars in Great Yarmouth on the country's east coast in December.

After finding the seal, the individual notified local nonprofit Marine and Wildlife Rescue, which specializes in helping certain animals that need assistance.

A local charity said the grey seal pup had fresh bite wounds on its abdomen and had likely been spooked after being attacked by a dog.

"We think there was an incident with a dog on the beach, which spooked the seal up the walkway," Dan Goldsmith from the charity told the BBC.

A seal
Stock image showing a seal. Police in Long Island have rescued a baby seal that was stranded on a road. iStock