'Physical': How to Watch Rose Byrne's New Series

Rose Byrne is getting Physical for her new Apple TV+ series. She plays a woman who discovers the power of aerobics at the height of the craze in 1980s San Diego.

The dark comedy arrives today boasting a terrific cast, nostalgic settings, and a playlist that shreds. Here's everything you need to know about the series.

Rose Byrne as Sheila Rubin in Physical
Rose Byrne in Physical, a new dramedy from creator Annie Weisman, premiering June 18, 2021 on Apple TV+. Apple TV+

What is Physical about?

Byrne plays Sheila Rubin, a quietly tormented housewife in the 80s. Behind closed doors, she battles extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice. Things change when she discovers aerobics, sparking a journey toward empowerment and success.

We see the comedy-drama unfold from Sheila's perspective and her inner-monologue explains her true feelings to the audience.

Who stars in Physical?

Known for her role in Bridesmaids, Bad Neighbours and Instant Family, Byrne leads the cast as future-aerobics fanatic Sheila. Comedian Rory Scovel (I Feel Pretty) plays her husband Danny Rubin, a professor at a university whose job is at stake.

The supporting cast includes Grace Kelly Quigley as their daughter Maya, Della Saba as aerobics instructor Bunny and Paul Sparks (House of Cards) as John Breem, a hotshot local business man.

The series is created by first-time showrunner Annie Weisman whose previous TV credits include Suburgatory, About a Boy and the later seasons of Desperate Housewives.

How to watch Physical online?

The first three episodes of Byrne's Physical are available exclusively on Apple TV+ now. Thereafter episodes will be released weekly every Friday, with Season 1 containing 10 episodes in total. The series finale is scheduled to drop on August 6, 2021.

The first three episodes are called "Let's Do This Thing," "Let's Get Political" and "Let's Get Down To Business."

Rose Byrne in Physical
Rose Byrne plays Sheila Rubin in Physical, a new comedy-darma from creator Annie Weisman, available on Apple TV+ Apple TV+

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Rose Byrne and Rory Scovel
Rose Byrne and Rory Scovel as husband and wife in Physical, a new dramedy from creator Annie Weisman, on Apple TV+ Apple TV+