Pic of Rescued Dog Makes Photobombing Cat Look Tougher Than Bruce Willis

A photo of a house fire made the rounds on Reddit on Wednesday—but not just because users were shocked by the destruction, or heartened by the image of a man who rescued the household's dog. No, it was because people couldn't help but marvel at the sight of the household's cat in the background, escaping the fire all by itself.

As pointed out by u/distriived, the photo features a man who saved their dog from the fire, which can be seen raging in the background. But also in the background is u/distriived's cat, jumping out of a window onto the front lawn, as the fire spreads behind them.

It honestly looks like the stuff of action movies—just imagine it's an action movie starring a black cat.

The user who shared the photo wrote on Reddit that after the fire, the cat went missing for some time. Thankfully, though, the runaway feline was eventually returned to its rightful owners by the police. Because the injured kitty came back with burnt ears and whiskers, U/distriived promised to "take her to the vet" as quickly as possible. So, believe it or not, this brave cat jumped out of a burning building and literally has the scars to prove it.

The striking image was caught on camera by the next-door neighbors. While the owners of the house that caught fire were away, the smoke alarms suddenly started ringing. The neighbor reportedly heard the dog, went running into the burning building and rescued the frightened animal. Another neighbor took a snapshot of the house while it was going up in flames and smoke. After seeing the photo, the owner of the burnt house apparently said, "That's an epic photo!"

But don't be mad that the neighbor saved the dog first, and not the cat. U/distriived said, "He probably didn't see her. I was at work yet when they took this picture."

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When another Reddit user asked what caused the fire, u/distriived didn't have a real explanation. They assumed the fire might have started somewhere in the kitchen, explaining that they recently bought a new portable air conditioner and the wires may have simply overheated.

Elsewhere in the Reddit thread, u/distriived claimed that their house is cursed and has been plagued by bad luck. Three years ago, they said, the pipes in the house burst. A year ago, there was apparently another fire, which was caused by a space heater. It's all been enough to make the Reddit user regret buying the home in the first place.