'Picard' Episode 7: Who is Captain Crandall And What Does He Mean For the 'Star Trek' Series?

Amid the excitement of the reunion of some classic Star Trek characters in Picard Episode 7, the CBS All Access show snuck in a reference to a new character who seems likely to appear in the upcoming episodes. Captain Crandall (whose first name, according to Memory Alpha, is Rupert) was mentioned by Kestra (played by Lulu Wilson), the daughter of returning favorites William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis)

In Star Trek: Picard Episode 7, streaming now on CBS All Access and on Amazon Prime internationally, Captain Crandall is revealed to be a retired captain living on Nepenthe alongside Riker and Troi, and has befriended Kestra. Together, Kestra and Crandall find Soji's (Isa Briones) planet, based on the descriptions of what she sees in her dream. He quickly discovers that the planet is in the Vayt sector, in the Ghulion system, and has a number instead of a name.

Though the character is new, the series' description of him contains some Easter eggs for Star Trek fans. He is said to have been "everywhere from Kronos to Tychen's Rift." Kronos (or Qo'noS) is the Klingon home world, first named in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, while Tychen's Rift was the location of The Next Generation episode "Night Terrors."

star trek picard captain crandall
One fan theory has it that 'Star Trek: Picard' character Captain Crandall might be Q from 'The Next Generation' CBS

Though that is all the information we get about Captain Crandall, there are some hints that he might an important figure in either the upcoming episodes of this season of in Star Trek: Picard Season 2. In Episode 7, it was said that Picard (Patrick Stewart) could help him off of Nepenthe and in his mission to help Soji.

However, he could also be the key to Troi and Riker returning again to the show. He could be the person who uses his ship to take the couple off of their current planet in order to help out Picard.

Writing on Reddit, some fans think that the character might himself be an Easter egg. They point out that one of the characters in the Star Trek: Titan book series was a Starfleet officer named Mordecai Crandall. Whether this could be Captain Crandall's brother, a relative or Crandall himself using a different name remains to be seen.

Another fan has a theory that the character might be another Star Trek character in disguise. They wrote, "I'm fairly confident that Crandall is [The Next Generation character and shapeshifter] Q. Too big a name drop not to be significant."

In reply, one viewer commented, "It doesn't make sense to be a TNG regular cast member. So I'm thinking Q is the only option. Also Crandall has been 'all over the quadrant' and knew instantly where Soji's homeworld was with vague details. And there have been so many Q Easter eggs thus far."

Star Trek: Picard is streaming now on CBS All Access.