Pictures of Animals 'Taking Selfies' Go Viral in Adorable Twitter Thread

Twitter's platform offers people a digital space to share personal updates, read up on the news and even debate mathematic principles. For animal and photography-loving users, it is also the ideal place to share adorable pet "selfies," and go viral in the process.

Twitter user @JoaquimCampa posted a series of cute animal photos on Friday, simply captioned, "Animals Taking [Selfies]. Thread." Throughout the afternoon, Campa shared a host of pictures in which domesticated and wild animals appear to take their own photo.

Animals Taking Seflies. Thread.

— Joaquim Campa (@JoaquimCampa) April 24, 2021

The series began with a photo of a cat getting along well enough with three dogs that they were able to take a picture together. Subsequent pet selfies include dogs making silly faces, newborn puppies, inquisitive cats and even a rabbit sticking its tongue out.

Animals Taking Selfies (4)

— Joaquim Campa (@JoaquimCampa) April 24, 2021

Campa also posted photos of non-domesticated animals in the thread. Friendly penguins, wide-eyed lemurs, smiling monkeys and lion cubs were among the many wildlife inclusions.

Animals Taking Selfies (6)

— Joaquim Campa (@JoaquimCampa) April 24, 2021

Campa explained to Newsweek that he was inspired to post about animal photography after he went viral a few months ago for a similar project.

"In January, I did the first thread about animals and wildlife photographers ... I love photography but I'm not a photographer," he said.

"When I was doing that thread I found some pictures of 'selfies,' I [laughed] a lot [and] I thought that one day I would do a new thread about it and then I did some search in Google, Reddit and Pinterest to collect photos and complete this thread."

"Honestly my thing is history, old footage, books, things about my city Barcelona," he added. "People really love funny threads of animals, me too, but I even prefer more threads like [ones on libraries]."

The Twitter thread has been liked over 315,000 times and retweeted by nearly 56,000 active accounts. Pet lovers around the world were so inspired by the wholesome photo series that they even shared pictures of their own animals in the comments section.

Anonymous user @fredoandme shared a picture of their adorable cat. "Ironically, my thumbnail is a selfie," they wrote. "Homey just reached up and lightly touched my finger and I snapped it. My camera has a flip screen and it couldn't have worked out better. Years ago now. A beauty."

ironically, my thumbnail is a selfie. homey just reached up and lightly touched my finger and i snapped it. my camera has a flip screen and it couldn't have worked out better. years ago now. a beauty.

— fredoandme (@fredoandme) April 24, 2021

Kevin Crowley chimed in with a selfie of him and a camel. "Not an animal selfie but the camel was loving it," he wrote.

Not an animal selfie but the camel was loving it 😂

— Kevin Crowley (@kevincrowley34) April 25, 2021

Some shared hilarious edits of the initial photo of the cat and three dogs. One user put a "Parental Advisory Warning" label on the photo to make it look like an album cover; another wrote a witty dialogue as if the cat were speaking to the viewer about paying their rent on time.

So, me and the fellas here, we's been hearing you aren't planning on paying this month's "rent", surely that can't be true, right? Right? Tell the fellas they don't have to get all bloody today, you are going to pay up early even. Like, right now, right? Right?

— 🌍 Duncan Kimpton 🛠️ (@dgkimpton) April 25, 2021

Overall, viewers greatly enjoyed the mental break the photo series provided them with. "Golden thread. They take much better selfies than me," one anonymous user joked. "I love this so much omg," another added.

Campa's now-beloved animal thread is not the only viral pet-related tweet this month. Last week, Twitter user Moose, better known on the platform as @LitMoose, tweeted a hilarious veterinary training manual's advice when dealing with cats. Tips included "don't fight a cat" and "use drugs," much to the amusement of pet owners and veterinarians alike.

Pet Selfie
Adorable pet selfies have taken Twitter by storm this week. Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images