Highlights From Spain's 2015 PHotoEspaña Photography Festival

Volando bajo
Volando bajo (Flying low), 1988 by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio © Pablo Ortiz Monasteri

The 18th edition of PHotoEspaña, Spain's leading festival of art and photography, opens this month focusing on work exclusively from Latin America. Works which will be exhibited include some rare pictures of early tribes people, gems from Cuban photographer Alberto Korda, and some of the most interesting contemporary photography around today. The festival continues until August 30th.

Indigenous Shuar-Achuar
Indigenous Shuar-Achuar tribespeople greeting the missionary Father Mattana. Province of Morona Santiago, Ecuador ca1894. Anonymous ©Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural
Burial of the Jibaro
Burial of the Jibaro (peasant) Nanguitley. The first Salesian christian burial. Mendez, Ecuador 1929. Anonymous ©Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural
Sickle, Bandolier and Guitar ca 1927 by Tina Modotti ©Tina Modotti Throckmorton Fine Art
Cassius Clay
Cassius Clay reading his poems in New York City, Lower Manhattan by Enrique Meneses © Fundación Enrique Meneses. VEGAP, Madrid, 2015
Cuba 1959
Cuba 1959 by ALberto korda ©Alberto Korda
New York
Nueva York / New York, 1969-1970 by Mario Cravo Neto © Mario Cravo Neto
True History
'Untitled' from the series 'The True History of the Superheroes' 2005 -2010 by Dulce Pínzon ©Dulce Pínzon
Videojuego / Videogame 2009 by Ana Casas Broda ©Ana Casas Broda
Industria / Industry 1970 by Tito Caula ©Tito Caula
Untitled 2014 by Koral Carballo ©Koral Carballo
Barilles Borrachos (drunken barrels) Pulqueria 1970 ©Manuel Carillo courtesy University of Texas in El Paso
Nidia Ríos ca 1956 by Alberto Korda ©Korda, VEGAP, Madrid 2015
Tiburoneros (Shark fishermen) by Lola Álvarez Bravo, 1950 ©Centro para la fotografía creativa, Fundación Universidad de Arizona