Piers Morgan Pits Nigel Farage Against Trump With Leaked Footage

Piers Morgan shared leaked footage of Nigel Farage criticizing Donald Trump, apparently attempting to pit Farage against the former president after calling out Morgan for "fake news."

A trailer for Morgan's exclusive interview with Trump went viral on social media on Thursday after it appeared to show Trump getting up and leaving during the interview. The clip was condemned by Trump and his team, and Farage released a video on his YouTube channel, saying, "He [Trump] is being completely and utterly stitched-up by Piers Morgan. It is disgraceful, it is disgusting."

As a response, Morgan tweeted on Friday that he had been sent a video of Farage "speaking VERY disparagingly about Donald Trump. I do hope it doesn't damage their bromance. Posting soon."

In context, it appears the video was taken prior to the 2016 presidential election. In it, Farage says, "It looks like Trump's gonna win, and while Trump puts his finger on some things that do need to be said, I find that there is a certain sense of anger about Trump. There's a certain sense of 'he's only got one gear.'"

"He also seems to believe in a bigger state, and there's a lot of ideas that I wouldn't necessarily call 'Republican.' There are no circumstances in which I'd vote for Hillary," Farage says. He adds that besides some of Trump's security rhetoric, "there's much of his agenda and his manner that I find pretty worrying."

"I think there are real problems with Trump," Farage concludes in the video.

Morgan tweeted Donald Trump Jr. in the video, writing, "Can you make sure your dad sees it[?] just thought you should both know what a treacherous disingenuous little snake you're dealing with."

Farage, who is now a presenter on GB News, a U.K. network, was a former member of Britain's Brexit Party and has been a supporter of Trump for several years.

On Friday, shortly after Morgan posted the leaked footage, Farage wrote on Twitter, "Like millions of American voters, in April 2016 I was still making my mind up. By August 2016 I gave Trump my full support—and I have backed him ever since. Unlike you @PiersMorgan!"

Farage included a video from Fox News, in which he spoke next to Trump at a rally in 2016. "I think that you have a fantastic opportunity here with this campaign," Farage said at the rally. "You can beat the pollsters. You can beat the commentators. You can beat Washington."

Morgan was quick to respond. "No Nige," he wrote on Twitter, "you've been exposed as a duplicitous two-faced weasel and frankly, I dread to think what you've been saying in private about Trump behind his back if this is how you've so disloyally attacked him in public."

Newsweek reached out to representatives of Donald Trump for additional comment.

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Piers Morgan shared "leaked footage" of Nigel Farage bashing Trump in 2016 in an apparent attempt to pit them against one another. Above, Farage speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 25 in Orlando, Florida. Joe Raedle/Getty Images