Pilot Embarrasses Girlfriend With Hilarious Pre-flight Announcement in Viral Video

When a woman flew on her pilot boyfriend's plane for the first time he could not resist the opportunity to embarrass her.

The footage, which has received over 10 million views, was shared to TikTok by Hanna LaMaster, known on the app as Hannalamaster59. It begins with the woman filming out of the airplane window as the pilot makes an announcement.

Text overlaying the clip, which can be watched here, reads: "When you get to fly on your boyfriend's plane for the first time... wait for it."

We can then hear the pilot telling passengers the information they need about the flight, before saying: "We do have a special passenger on board.

"It is my girlfriend, her name is Hanna. She is in seat 2C so when you get your belt off please do me a favor.

"Either give her a fist bump, high five or direct all your snacks and small bottles of water to her, please and thank you."

He then finishes the announcement by stating: "Thanks for flying with us and for wearing you masks onboard this flight we will be underway shortly."

LaMaster captioned the funny footage, writing: "My dads' reply to this video was "at least he didn't propose!!!!" but I wish he would've ;) #pilot #boyfriend."


My dads’ reply to this video was “at least he didn’t propose!!!!” but I wish he would’ve ;) #pilot #boyfriend

♬ original sound - Hanna LaMaster

The clip, which was shared on September 2, has since been viewed a whopping 10.1 million times and surpassed two million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the pilot's announcement.

One TikTok account, user286015391250, wrote: "I don't know about you but I'd feel safer knowing he's flying with his girl friend on board," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Another person, Audrey, added: "My dad used to announce whenever I was on his flights when I was little and I'd get up and wave to everyone like I was celebrity."

Stephanie Julia typed: "I would feel so much safer knowing the pilot had precious cargo on board."

Em&M gushed: "How sweet! But, I would also be highly embarrassed at the same time!"

Emilykelder revealed: "My dad is a pilot for Delta and when my mom few on one of his flights he told her to listen to how he described the weather. Absolutely gorgeous."

TheBigWif joked: "If I were a pilot I would do this on every flight and pick a random seat number."

Bearychubby commented: "I would be bright red blushing omgggggg."

Candie Canning asked: "But did anyone give you snacks?"

Newsweek have contacted LaMaster for comment.

pilot flying plane
A stock image of a pilot flying a plane. On TikTok a pilot has gone viral due to his hilarious announcement about his girlfriend. Getty Images