Pit Bull Smiles in His Sleep on First Night Home After Adoption: 'Adorabull'

A pit bull's reaction to his first night home after finally being adopted has melted hearts online, as the dog was pictured with a huge smile spread across his face.

The happiness from the canine is palpable in the photo, as he grinned while snoozing away. According to the owner, who shared the moment on Reddit, it was his first night home after being adopted.

Posted to the popular Subreddit "rarepuppers," the post gained over 29,000 votes in less than a day.

In the image, the newly-adopted pit bull was pictured happily laying down on his dog bed, appearing with a large smile on his face, safe and rested at last in his forever home.

"His smile made me melt inside, I knew I made the right choice," added the owner.

According to research, pit bulls have a far harder time getting adopted than any other breed, and being labeled as a pit bull can make a dog spend three times longer in a shelter.

Research suggests that American pit bulls are the most common breed in U.S. shelters, although one study even found that half of those dubbed a pit bull, don't actually have any pit bull DNA.

Pit bulls are a controversial breed, with reports of incidents like maulings and attacks being prevalent, and can often be an instant red card for any potential owners.

Arizona State University conducted research into just how much the label can impact a dog's chances at finding a forever home. Researchers found that dogs labeled a pit bull spend more than three times longer in a shelter than similar-looking dogs not deemed pit bulls.

Reddit users, however, were not deterred by the breed and instead focused on the simple cuteness of it all.

"I've had a sad day and this picture warmed my heart," wrote one user.

One user noted: "Oh my god, that face! Adorabull."

"Smiling and sleeping at the same time! You really made their life," added another.

Another added that sleeping for lengthy periods after finally being adopted is something seen in a lot in dogs from hard backgrounds. "I don't know the situation here, but it's not uncommon for puppers from rough backgrounds to just sleep for a few days when they are finally placed in a safe home," they wrote.

Dog experts agree too, Spirit Dog Training reported that sleeping after adoption for lengthy periods of time is completely normal, writing: "Your rescue dog is sleeping so much because he finally can. Sleep deprivation in rescue environments is quite common. Sleeping for long stretches of time can simply mean your dog is catching up on rest he hasn't had for weeks, if ever. Some dogs sleep a lot for other reasons, including age and health conditions. However, if your dog is newly rescued, he has a lot of adjusting to do."