Cheeky Pit Bull Learns to Ring Doorbell in Hilarious Video

When the doorbell rings you don't expect it to be a dog, however for one man, that familiar chiming sound is often the result of his pet pooch wanting to come home.

In footage posted to TikTok by an account called Hottestyoungest, his pit bull terrier, whose name is Axel, can be seen on the doorbell camera ringing the bell and looking into the lens.

The clip begins with the dog walking down the garden path towards the front door.

When he reaches the house, he begins pining and clambering at the door before jumping up and ringing the bell.

The clip, which can be watched here, is made all the more amusing by the animal's startled facial expression as he stares into the camera, before jumping back down to await his owner.

Hottestyoungest captioned the hilarious clip, writing: "Axel #welcomeback #JetPuffedSmourth #fypシ #makingthecut #viral #GetYourJeansOn #sillyrabbit #trending #comedy #dogs #smartdog."

The humorous video, which was shared August 7, has so far been viewed 98,200 times and garnered 16,800 likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their opinion on the funny video.

One TikTok user, Catchthissed, wrote: "Homie broke free and then got the audacity to act like he's struggling now. Pits really do the most all the time lol."

Another person, Monicaroman51, added: "Omg this is heartbreaking. Not only should he not be left outside when you're not home because that's cruel... but he's a pit bull and people can mistake him for aggressive :( please keep him inside this is cruel."

Itsme_e4 commented: "So what happened after this. Did you let him in? Were you not home?"

Bigfamdesigns commented from the perspective of the dog, writing: "Excuse me fam. Do you have a minute to talk about our food and savior[y] chicken and rice."

Killlerkaela typed: "Please tell me you have footage of someone reacting to him ringing the bell letting him in."

Some people thought that it was unfair for the dog to be outside, including rinutaka_ who wrote: "Please tell me u let him in my dog died of heatstroke because my sister left him outside and never told anyone."

However, others felt that this was somewhat of an overreaction, with Jessicamarie5184 adding: "Why is everyone asking if he let the dog in? It's a nice, sunny day, nobody chasing him, no street beef, he doesn't look hungry or starved."

In other dog-related news, a man was recently reunited with his dog after spotting the pet on a local news segment which he only viewed by chance because he had fallen asleep with the television on.

The small dog, who had been a gift for his daughter, had been missing for nearly two years, and the emotional reunion was captured on film for all to see.

Newsweek have contacted Hottestyoungest for comment.

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A stock image of a pit bull terrier. In the viral video a similar-looking pooch has shows off hows he's learnt to ring to doorbell. Photography by Adri/Getty