Pittsburgh Teacher Resigns After 5-Year-Old Girl Suffers Severe Burns in Science Class Experiment

A kindergarten teacher in Pittsburgh resigned after a 5-year-old girl suffered severe burns during a science experiment in school.

The teacher at Pittsburgh King PreK-8, located in the Allegheny Center neighborhood of the city, submitted their resignation on Wednesday after being investigated over the incident, Pittsburgh Public Schools spokeswoman Ebony Pugh told TribLive.

It is unclear how the incident in the classroom in early January occurred.

"The district has not reached out to the family to provide them with any information, so that's disappointing," attorney Todd Hollis, who is representing the family, told TribLive.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, the girl, Amour Clekly, was creating some sort of potion using extremely hot water in the class when she spilled it on herself.

The girl's grandmother said the school told the family there had been an incident involving the girl, but did not reveal the full extent of the injuries she suffered.

The family shared graphic images of the girl's injuries to local media, showing her with severe burns across her lower torso.

"She's very articulate," Hollis added to WPXI. "[She] has informed us that through some kind of project that occurred at the school, she sustained a second and/or third-degree burns.

"The young lady is going through some very obvious signs of trauma, so we've assisted in putting her into some therapy. As time goes on, hopefully she'll be able to get the assistance that she needs."

According to CBS Pittsburgh, the teacher, who has not been named, was originally suspended for two days after the incident before offering their resignation.

Hollis added that there are still questions that need answering regarding the incident. "It's hard to imagine what the teacher was thinking when she introduced water to a child that young," he told WPIX.

"The why is what we all want to know. I would imagine as we proceed with the lawsuit, we'll get closer to the why."

The family were reportedly considering filing a lawsuit in the wake of the girl's accident. When asked by WPXI if the teacher's resignation alter these plans, Hollis said that it will it will "proceed as lawsuits proceed."

He added: "I'm hoping that my client gets the help that she needs. I'm hoping that she heals. Obviously, her being such a young child, it's going to be a long growth process for her."

It is unclear if the family intends to sue the teacher or the school district. Newsweek contact Hollis for further comment.

(File photo) Water boils in a pot on a stove on January 14, 2007 in Berlin, Germany. A Pittsburgh teacher whose 5-year-old student got severe burns during a classroom project has resigned. Andreas Rentz/Getty