Pizza Hut Has Unveiled a Grilled Cheese Pizza Because Why the Hell Not

Pizza Hut
The pizza chain continues its reign as fast-food's most adventurous innovator. Pizza Hut

Of all of the fast-food chains vying to concoct the next game-changing menu innovation, Pizza Hut may be the most adventurous as far as the lengths they're willing to go—or the lines they're willing to cross—in their quest to move product. Considering the fact that Burger King just unveiled a hamburger burrito, this is saying something.

Last year, Pizza Hut unveiled a pizza with a crust made of mini hot dogs, as well as a cardboard chest of drawers filled with their goods, including a cookie pizza. This year, they introduced a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day, as well as a pizza box that doubles as a functioning turntable. God knows what else they've been testing out overseas.

Their latest creation is the Grilled Cheese Stuff Crust Pizza, which on Monday was made available nationwide. "Two of your favorites, together at last," Pizza Hut says. Take a look:

The difference between the Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza and "traditional" stuffed-crust pizzas is not only the cheddar cheese but a crispiness meant to mimic that of the finely toasted bread of a grilled cheese sandwich. "The Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza is an imagination of a classic grilled cheese and a traditional pizza," Pizza Hut's chief marketing officer, David Timm, said in a statement. "The result is a delicious, flavorful pizza that packs the punch of a gooey, crunchy grilled cheese."

This isn't the first time Pizza Hut has offered consumers a totally non-pizza experience within the context of a pizza. Last year, the chain introduced the aforementioned Hot Dog Bites Pizza, daring to replace the crust of a pizza with a wreath of miniature pigs in a blanket. Promotional photos even featured a dipping cup of mustard, a condiment that no sane person would bring within five feet of a pizza. Like the Hot Dog Bites Pizza, the Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza offers two mutually exclusive eating experiences, forged together in a really big oven.

This phenomenon is not to be confused with items like Papa John's abhorrent Fritos Chili Pizza, which is simply a Fritos chili pie in pizza form. No, the Hot Dog Bites Pizza and now the Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza are true fast-food Frankensteins. Taste the innovation.

Reaction on social media to the idea of the Grilled Cheese Stuff Crust Pizza has been, uhh, mixed:

Pizza Hut

If you're wondering why Pizza Hut keeps rolling out ludicrous innovation after ludicrous innovation, this is the reason: They are designed to cause a visceral reaction. To Pizza Hut and every other fast-food chain playing Mad Libs in the test kitchen, giving birth to this delicious nexus between publicity and gastronomic appeal. Pizza Hut appears to have achieved it with the Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza. If not, they can always inject ground beef and cheese into a pizza crust and call it the Cheeseburger Stuffed Crust Pizza. Might as well.