Pizza Hut Goes Green With 'Incogmeato' Sausage, Eco-Friendly Box

Pizza Hut is teaming up with Kellogg's MorningStar Farms brand to test pizza lovers' reaction to the brand's new, plant-based Italian-style "sausage" called Incogmeato.

Starting Wednesday, October 23, the fast-food chain will sell the Incogmeato on its Garden Specialty Pizza for a limited time—at a single store location in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Incogmeato is a new-to-the-world brand created to challenge convention on delicious plant based food," said Kellogg Away from Home President Wendy Davidson in a statement, as reported by Yahoo Finance. "Pizza Hut is the innovation leader in its category and we are excited to partner with them to develop a tasty, first-ever plant-based pizza to satisfy what flexitarians are seeking today."

Pizza Hut is also cutting back on waste by using a smaller, rounder pizza box. The innovation came out of a partnership with Zume, a pizza delivery company that aims to implement sustainable practices in the food industry. The box is also compostable, according to Market Watch.

In addition to going green, the new design promises a better dining experience, Yahoo Finance noted.

"This revolutionary round box—the result of a two-year journey—is the most innovative packaging we've rolled out to date," Pizza Hut Chief Customer and Operations Officer Nicolas Burquier said in a statement. "The round box was engineered to make our products taste even better—by delivering hotter, crispier pizzas. This box is a win, win—it will improve the pizza-eating experience for our customers and simplify the operating experience for our team members."

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut store in Shreveport, Louisiana on June 29, 2018. Shannon O'Hara/Getty Images for Pizza Hut

According to The Verge, pizza boxes' traditional square shape is due to lower production costs (they can be made from a single sheet of folded cardboard). Inventors have previously attempted to win the public over to round boxes—such as John Harvey's 2004 creation, the "Presseal" and a design patented by Apple—without much success so far.

Pizza Hut now joins the growing list of other fast-food giants looking to go green. As CNN Business reported, Dunkin' will be unveiling its Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich across the country in November after a successful product test in New York City. Burger King announced that it would make its Impossible Whopper available nationally after just one month of testing. The outlet also reported that plant-based food sales in the U.S. have increased 11 percent in the last year, according to a study by the Plant Based Foods Association and the Good Food Institute.

That study further concluded that plant-based food sales grew 31 percent between April 2017 and July 2019 while total food sales remained flat, leading Plant Based Foods Association senior director Julie Emmett to call them "a growth engine." According to the association, the market for plant-based foods now tops $4.5 billion in the United States.

The limited-edition garden pizza with Incogmeato topping and round box will sell for $10. All proceeds will go to Arizona Forward, a Phoenix-based sustainability nonprofit organization.