Planned Parenthood Draws Millions of Supporters in 90 Cities for National Pink Out Day

planned parenthood
Planned Parenthood Federation president Cecile Richards is embraced by Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) before her testimony at the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Capitol Hill in Washington September 29. Gary Cameron/Reuters

Planned Parenthood is hosting National Pink Out Day on Tuesday, a nationwide rally in support of the organization's work which will feature sexual education workshops, free STD screenings and the delivery of petition to Capitol Hill.

Pink Out Day will be hosted in 90 cities with almost 300 events, all organized by volunteers on behalf of the healthcare provider. The primary event will be held in Washington, D.C., where Planned Parenthood leaders will present Congress with a petition boasting 2.4 million signatures in favor of funding the nonprofit.

Planned Parenthood and its federal funding have been under attack in recent months, as a religious activist group created a series of videos that claimed the group sold fetuses. The heavily edited videos implied Planned Parenthood participated in organ harvesting and the illegal sale of body parts.

While the claims were never substantiated, conservative politicians, including GOP candidate Carly Fiorina, want the group's federal funding cut.

"Women and men across the country turn to Planned Parenthood as a trusted provider of reproductive health care —one in five women in America has relied on Planned Parenthood for care in her lifetime. Denying people the ability to go to Planned Parenthood would harm millions of people. These baseless, political attacks are about one thing—interfering with women's personal medical decisions. The American people are sick of these attacks, and that's why they're fighting back with hundreds of events across the country and more than 2.4 million signatures we're delivering to Congress today," Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, said in a statement.

Richard testified before Congress and provided written testimony to the politicians in an effort to prevent Planned Parenthood from becoming defunded. Planned Parenthood has 700 healthcare centers across the United States and treats 2.7 million patients. The hashtag for National Pink Out Day, #PinkOut, was trending second in the United States by 11 a.m.