Plastic Box Found in Park Contained the Remains of Several Pet Snakes

What could possibly be more terrifying than finding a box of snakes? Finding a box of dead snakes on a Saturday in a park.

U.K. publication Lincolnshire Reporter reported on Monday that a box containing two dead and decomposing snakes, along with several rotting snake eggs, was found in a plastic box in a park over the weekend. On the busy Kesteven Road in Stamford, U.K., on Saturday, someone discovered a plastic 18-liter box containing the snake remnants.

A King Cobra is displayed to the public at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm on August 2, 2016 in Bristol, England. Getty/Matt Cardy

The box was found inside a large blue IKEA bag, and the inside of the container was lined with newspaper, which reportedly became soggy from the rotting liquids of the snake carcasses. Dates on the newspaper were illegible, so it was hard to determine exactly when the snakes were placed in the container.

It remains unclear if the snakes died in the box from neglect, or if they were placed in there after dying. The remains were transported to an RSPCA center (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) for storage. The charity is appealing for more information on this grim case.

RSPCA inspector Becky Harper said that the two snakes appeared to be corn snakes, as per Lincolnshire Reporter. "The larger one of the two was decomposed and I believe it had been dead for at least a week, while the smaller one appeared to have been dead for around two days," Harper noted.

"Sadly there were also a handful of snake eggs in the box which were rotten and moldy. The box was lined with newspaper however it was so sodden with rotting fluid that I was unable to make out the date on it," the inspector continued.

"It's so sad that these snakes were dumped like this – at this time we have no idea as to the specific cause of death, although they appeared to have no injuries or wounds. To be dumped somewhere so public is shocking as a lot of children walk past this area every day and it would have been horrifying if any of them had come across this."

As per the Peterborough Telegraph, Harper was appreciative that the RSPCA was contacted for the incident. "I am keen to hear from anyone who saw someone with a blue Ikea bag in the area on Saturday morning, or anyone who knows who these snakes belong to," Harper continued, adding that the charity encourages all to "take their pets to a vet if they feel something is wrong."