TikTok Plastic Wrap Plate 'Hack' Gets Backlash Over Environmental Impact

TikTok's list of hacks is ever-growing. Mnd most prove extremely useful to users, whether it be January's wrap-folding hack or 2020's laundry stripping hack.

However, a "hack" to avoid washing dishes has come under fire by viewers for its potential effect on the environment.

Damion Francis, @dam.i.o.n, shared exactly how he handles washing up dishes—he doesn't. To the tune of "Baby Work It," Francis advised viewers to use plastic wrap as a layer between the food and plate.

In the clip, which was uploaded on June 12 and can be seen here, Francis wraps his plates in plastic wrap before placing his food and sauce on top of it, creating as much mess as possible.

"Hate washing up?" reads the on-screen text. "Well, you don't have to," it adds. Francis goes on to remove the plastic and throws it away.

In three days, the video has gained over 500,000 views—but it hasn't exactly been received positively on the app. Instead, the majority of comments have noted the potential environmental impact of using plastic wrap on plates regularly.

"Wasting plastic though, harming our environment more," wrote one viewer.

"Yeah because we are too lazy to wash some dishes we can just wreck the earth instead," added another.

One TikTok user commented: "Humans become lazy on a whole different level."

In response to one user suggesting he wraps the whole table instead, omitting the need for a plate in the first place, Francis responded: "Imagine the comments then! I'd be accused of single handedly destroying the planet. People need to chill and look at the bigger picture."

"All these comments about destroying the planet with one bit of cling film. C'mon I probably do more for the planet than you do," he said in a follow-up video.

However, Francis appeared to hint that he doesn't actually use the hack himself, in a later video of him washing a dish in the sink.

"How I actually clean my dishes," he wrote. "Do you really think it's sustainable to use clingfilm?"

The plastic wrap "hack" might not be about to become the next biggest trick on TikTok. But it may have come in handy for Facebook creators Joe and Lisa, who went viral in May for a "spaghetti hack," which involved them mixing ingredients directly on their countertop. Plastic wrap on the counter could have prevented what was likely a messy aftermath.

Similar to Francis, the hack received backlash and confusion online over its necessity, along with claims of doing it to gain "hate-watching" views.

Roll of plastic wrap
Hand using a roll of transparent polyethylene food film for packing products on the pastel blue table. A "hack" using plastic wrap on TikTok has received backlash. Getty Images. Getty Images