Pokémon Generation 8 Starters: What We Want to See

The Pokémon Direct on February 27 will bring the first official details about the Generation 8 games, including what the starters will look like.

The Starter Pokémon are arguably the most important part of each new generation. They will be the mascots of that region and be used in all sorts of marketing materials and media, like the Pokémon anime and movies.

The Pokémon fan community has served up plenty of speculation and wishlists for the Gen 8 starters, but we want to try our hand at predicting what The Pokémon Company has in store for Wednesday. Here's what we would like to see from each starter in Generation 8.

pokemon direct starters gen 8 guesses
Who will the Gen 8 starters be? Pokemon Company/NewsGeek


We hope to see a bull or ox Pokémon for Gen 8. It could start as a pure Grass-type Pokémon and evolve into a Grass and Ground-type. One potentially cool design choice: it begins as a quadruped and has a bipedal final evolution, making it to look more like a Minotaur.

Aside from its usual Overgrow ability, this Pokémon's hidden ability will be Sheer Force to make it a huge attack threat.

Stat-wise, this Pokémon will be more focused on physical attack, with a lower speed than the other two starters. However, its comparatively high special defense will let it tank some of those Ice-type attacks.


There's a popular fan theory that the Fire Starters in each generation are based on the Chinese Zodiac. Some of the Fire Starters like Cyndaquil (Rat) and Fennekin (Dog) are a bit of a stretch, but I'm a believer regardless.

After seven generations, the Chinese Zodiac only has the following animals left:

  • Horse
  • Snake
  • Sheep
  • Rabbit
  • Ox

As much as I'd like to see a Fire-type Sheep Pokémon, I think this is the generation we get a horse starter. And before you say, "we already have Ponyta," you can tell that to Fennekin and Vulpix.

What would a Horse Starter be like? Of course, it would start as a pure Fire-type, but as it evolves into its middle and final evolutions it will grow wings to take on more of a Pegasus form. I'd give this Pokémon the Fire and Fairy typing. Perhaps having Levitate as its hidden ability would allow it to take advantage of its wings.

This Pokémon's stats will likely be those of a mix attacker, giving trainers a choice whether to battle specially or physically. It will also have a good Speed stat.

Fire and Fairy is a type pairing that hasn't been seen in Pokémon yet, so it'll likely be a unique and powerful combo.


Water-type starters are Pokémon based on animals that can live on both land and sea. There aren't that many in the world, but I believe we could see a Starter Pokémon based on a beaver in Gen 8.

Beavers are unique woodland creatures with powerful chompers that help them to build dams made of timber. This line of starter would start as a pure Water-type Pokémon and then eventually become a Water and Steel-type Pokémon.

This new Pokémon would have the usual Torrent ability that Water-type starters have, but its hidden ability could be Strong Jaws to take advantage of a beaver's large teeth. Stat-wise, this Pokémon will excel in physical attack with considerable physical bulk to take advantage of its good defensive typing.

The Pokémon Direct will stream on Wednesday, February 27 at 9 a.m. EST.

What do you think of our proposed Starter Pokémon for Generation 8? What do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments section below.