'Pokémon Go' Appraise Feature Update: How to Use and Determine IVs

The Appraisal feature in Pokémon Go received a major upgrade in the latest update and it makes figuring out your Pokémon's individual values easier.

Before the update, the Appraisal feature will have your team's leader tell you how strong your Pokémon is through different lines of dialogue. Each combination of dialogue revealed how strong the individual values (IVs) in the HP, attack and defense stats of your Pokémon are.

It was a bit convoluted to determine your Pokémon's IVs, but now it's much easier. Here's everything you need to know about the update and how to determine the strengths of your Pokémon.

pokemon go appraise feature update how to


The Appraisal feature in Pokémon Go is still located in the same spot it always is, in between the "Favorite" and "Transfer" option.

By selecting Appraise, your team leader will appear and say how large this particular Pokémon is in relation to the rest of its species. A chart will appear on the left side showing the Attack, Defense and HP stats.

Each stat has three bars, with each bar equaling 5 IVs. A circle with a symbol appearing above the chart will determine a Pokémon's overall IVs. The symbol has three stars in it with a fourth surrounding the circle. They fill up as the number of IVs increase.

Here's a simple rundown of what the star value means in the new Appraisal feature.

  • Zero stars = 0 percent - 49 percent
  • One star = 50 percent - 64.4 percent
  • Two stars = 66.7 percent - 80 percent
  • Three stars = 82 percent - 98 percent
  • Four stars = 100 percent


The new update not only gave a makeover to how IVs are determined it also made it easier to check multiple Pokémon at once.

While using the Appraise, you can swipe left and right to go to the next Pokémon and the app will automatically calculate its IVs. It's rather simple and makes it easier to figure out your Pokémon's strengths quicker.

Another tip is when you use the search function in the Pokémon bag. By typing in "4*" the search feature will reveal all Pokémon in your bag that have 100 percent IVs. This is great for seeing them all in one place, and you may discover a Pokémon or two you didn't realize had 45 IVs.

What do you think of the new Appraisal feature in Pokémon Go? Let us know in the comments section below.