'Pokémon Go' Squirtle Community Day Announced; Date and Decreased Egg Hatch Distance Revealed

An update to the official Pokémon Go website reveals new details on the next Community Day event, including the date, which Pokémon gets the spotlight and new in-game perks for players.

According to the Pokémon Go Events page, Squirtle will get the Community Day treatment on Sunday, July 8 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. EDT. During those three hours, Squirtle will spawn in the overworld at an increased rate.

Like past Community Day events, any Squirtle that evolves into Blastoise during the timed event will learn an exclusive move. The official Pokémon Go site doesn't list the exclusive move, but with the Bulbasaur event giving Frenzy Plant and the Charmander event giving Blast Burn Pokémon fans should expect Blastoise to learn Hydro Cannon when it evolves.

Squirtle caught during the Community Day are not the only ones that can learn Hydro Cannon upon evolving into Blastoise. Pokémon Go players can save a Squirtle they currently have and evolve it to Blastoise during the three-hour event to gain access to Hydro Cannon.

To evolve Squirtle into Blastoise, trainers will need 125 Candy. With the rate of spawns during Community Day events, Pokémon Go players should have no problem collecting enough.

As for in-game bonuses, Lures will last for three hours like in past Community Day events. Egg hatch distance will be cut by 75 percent, which means 2km Eggs will hatch in .5km, 5km Eggs will hatch in 1.25km and 10km Eggs will hatch in 2.5km. So if you have 10km Eggs in your bag, you may want to wait until July 8 to start incubating them.

Niantic hasn't confirmed Shiny Squirtle appearing during the Community Day but Pokémon Go players should expect it when July 8 comes. We will update the story when we get confirmation and if there are any other in-game bonuses or sales in the shop.

What do you think of the Squirtle Community Day event in Pokémon Go? Will this be the first time you'll be able to have a Blastoise? Let us know in the comments section below.