'Pokémon Go' Fashion Week Event: Start Time, Shiny Kricketot and More

October is set to be a big month for Pokémon Go and the popular mobile game will begin rolling out in-game events and bonuses starting with a special fashion week event.

This week, Pokémon Go is partnering with Longchamp Paris to bring a special Pokémon Go-themed backpack for trainers to dress up their avatar, and also to welcome fashionable Pokémon to the game.

Niantic confirms the following Pokémon will begin appearing in the wild more often during the week-long event: Mareep, Skitty, Roselia, Kricketot, Croagunk wearing a backward cap, Blitzle, Cottonee, Minccino, Gothita and more.

Whether it's a change in the egg pool, which Pokémon will appear in the wild or the debut of a Shiny Pokémon, this week's fashion week event will bring plenty for trainers to enjoy.

pokemon go fashion week kricketot event
The Pokemon Company/NewsGeek


The Fashion Week Pokémon Go event begins Friday, October 2, at 11 a.m. EDT and ends Friday, October 9, at 1 a.m. EDT.


Niantic confirmed on its blog that the fashion week event will come with its own exclusive field research.

  • Hatch an Egg - Smoochum Encounter
  • Spin 3 Pokestops or Gyms - Smoochum Encounter
  • Take 3 Snapshots - Silver Pinap Berry (x1)
  • Battle in a Raid - Poke Ball (x8)


The Bug-type Pokémon Kricketot will get its Shiny form added to Pokémon Go with this new event.

Shiny Kricketot is vastly different from its usual form in terms of coloring. Regular Kricketot is a reddish-orange color, but its shiny form will see it turn a more faded yellow. Trainers won't have a problem seeing the difference between the two.


There will be several Pokémon that will appear in Pokémon Go wearing various articles of clothing that trainers will want to catch to add to their collection.

Smoochum, the baby form of Jynx, will hatch from 7km Eggs during this event and will appear wearing a bow.

Kirlia, the middle evolution of the Ralts line, will appear in raids wearing a top hat. This special Pokémon will also know the move Draining Kiss, a powerful Fairy-type attack that Kirlia normally doesn't learn.

Also appearing in raids is Shinx, the small Electric-type Pokémon, wearing a top hat as well. And finally, we have the Poison and Fighting-type Pokémon Croagunk appearing, wearing a backwards cap. To encounter this Pokémon, be sure to take a snapshot with your buddy to get a surprise.

What do you think of the upcoming fashion week event in Pokémon Go? Let us know your favorite fashionable Pokémon in the comments section.