'Pokémon Go' Halloween Event Leaked? Spiritomb Research Task Found in Coding

Every year, Niantic releases a Halloween event in Pokémon Go but the company has been quiet on that front as the holiday approaches. However, a data miner has uncovered some intriguing clues about what this year's Pokémon Go Halloween update will look like.

Chrales has posted some of the text found in Pokémon Go's coding on Twitter, which seems tease a brand-new research task featuring Spiritomb, a Ghost-type Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region who hasn't been released yet.

pokemon_go_new_dude spiritomb
Spirtomb has been leaked as part of the 'Pokemon Go' Halloween event. Pokemon Company/Newsgeek

Check out Chrales tweet below.

In the text, Professor Willow describes some spooky happenings and asks you to gather data on Ghost-type Pokémon.

"Oh, [PLAYER NAME]! You've dropped by just in time. As I was out on my regular walk one evening, I stumbled upon this odd stone. Something told me to bring it back to my lab for further research, and ever since then, strange things have been happening."

"Papers shifting around, water glasses tipping all by themselves… When I tried using my computer to research it, I got an error message with the number 108 flashing! [PLAYER NAME], can you help gather some data on nearby Ghost-type Pokémon? I have to believe we can solve these spooky occurrences with science!"

The dialogue reveals Spiritomb is behind the strange occurrences and players will need to complete these event quests to catch it:

  • Catch (?) Poochyena or Houndour
  • Catch (?) Dark-type Pokémon
  • Catch (?) Ghost-type Pokémon
  • Evolve (?) Duskull or Shuppet
  • Transfer (?) Pokémon

Chrales also found the new Halloween items for your trainer avatar. They include Gengar print backpacks, shirts and hat, a Drifloon hat, a Drifblim shirt, a Mismagius hat and a Spiritomb shirt.

It's unknown when the Halloween event in Pokémon Go will start, but with Oct. 31 landing almost a week away, and the data being found in the game, it's only a matter of time until it goes live.
What do you think of Spiritomb coming to Pokémon Go? What are you looking forward to the most out of the Halloween event? Let us know in the comments section below.

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