The Level Cap in 'Pokémon Go' Is Being Increased

The Level Cap in Pokémon Go has been at Level 40 since the game's release back in July 2016, but now it's about to be increased.

Alongside the Season of Celebration update starting on December 1, Pokémon Go trainers will be able to level up to Level 50. Niantic will also change the way players level up and introduce a new resource that will assist in powering up your Pokémon.

During a Tuesday virtual press conference with the media, we learned just how trainers can level up past 40 and how the introduction of a new resource called XL Candy will change the way Pokémon are powered up.

pokemon go level cap increase gyarados


First and foremost, trainers who are below Level 40 won't have to worry about any changes to leveling up in Pokémon Go. Whether you're Level 1 or Level 39, trainers will just have to gain enough experience points to get to the next threshold.

However, when you're at Level 40 and looking to make a jump, Niantic will add challenges.

So alongside the experience points needed, Pokémon Go trainers will need to complete certain challenges for each level. Some examples of these brand new challenges will include earning Gold Medals, making a certain number of excellent throws and much more.

Now, if you've been at Level 40 in Pokémon Go and have continued to earn experience points, you won't have to regain them. The experience points will be "grandfathered" over, likely making the first step to reaching Level 41 that much easier. However, you will still need to complete the specific challenges to reach Level 41.

In regards to the challenges, some will automatically be completed based on your gameplay, while others may require trainers to complete certain activities again.

One example Niantic gave is the challenge "Evolve Eevee into all of its forms." While trainers may already have all six Eevee-lutions registered in their PokeDex, they will have to do it again to complete the challenge.

However, if the challenge requires a Gold Medal for the amount of Kanto region Pokémon caught and you have it, you won't need to re-do that.

Niantic also confirmed that new Platinum Badges will be added to Pokémon Go, giving trainers more milestones to reach.

Some other challenges confirmed by Niantic are catching a certain number of Pokémon in a single day at Level 41, while trainers at Level 47 will need to win a certain number of raids with restrictions to their teams, like a CP cap.

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Trainers will want to try and reach Level 40 by the end of the year because Niantic has announced that those who are at that level will earn exclusive rewards, such as avatar items, like a Gyarados hat, and exclusive timed research.

To help trainers reach Level 40, in-game bonuses will be in effect until the end of the year, including double catch experience starting November 18. There will also be a number of timed research events that will reward experience for completing them.

When the Season of Celebration begins on December 1, trainers will be able to get more experience from catching, hatching, evolving and adding Pokémon to the PokeDex.


The new resource in Pokémon Go is called XL Candy and will be used to power up your Pokémon once you're past Level 40.

Trainers will be able to earn XL Candy as rewards for catching, hatching and much more. More on XL Candies and how to earn them will be announced soon. Trainers can also exchange regular Candies to get the XL version. The conversion for this exchange was not divulged during the conference call with the media on Tuesday.

All trainers will be able to power up Pokémon more if they have enough Candy and Stardust. For example, Pokémon can be powered up to its maximum level starting from Level 40.

This new power-up will change the balance of the game, especially in terms of CP, so Niantic will test these changes in Australia first.

After the virtual press conference with the media, Niantic developers took some questions regarding the XL Candy and increased Level Cap. Here are some notes:

  • Trainers can use XL Candy to get to the current maximum CP of a Pokémon regardless of your level.
  • The CP formula isn't being re-worked.
  • For clarity, a Level 50 Mewtwo will have higher stats than a Level 40 Mewtwo.
  • Best Buddy attack power will be Level 51 when the Pokémon is at Level 50, the same way its attack power was at Level 41 when the Level was at 40.

What do you think of the increase in the Level Cap? What do you think of the XL Candy? Let us know in the comments section.