'Pokémon Go' Announces March Events and Additions Including Thundurus and Shiny Legendaries

March is expected to be very busy for Pokémon Go as Niantic revealed just about everything that is coming to the popular mobile game this month.

In its latest blog post, Niantic confirmed what players can expect in March which includes another Shadow Legendary, Raid Battle debuts and much more. There's even more weekend events happening the entire month to keep players busy.

Here's a rundown of every event coming to Pokémon Go in March.

pokemon go march 2020 events thundurus
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Shadow Entei returns to Pokémon Go in the Team Go Rocket Special Research tasks.

Like how trainers were able to defeat the Team Go Rocket Leaders and Giovanni to battle and capture Raikou and Suicune, the Fire-type Legendary from the Johto region returns to give players another chance.

Be sure to complete these special tasks before March is up.


Thundurus, the second of the Djinns from the Unova region, will begin appearing in Level 5 Raids starting Monday, March 2 at 4 p.m. EST. This is the first of many Legendary Pokémon coming to the mobile game in March.

Niantic confirms each weekend in March will have a special Raid Day event featuring a Legendary Pokémon.

The first features Darkrai from Friday, March 6 at 11 a.m. to Monday March 9 at 10 p.m. local time in Level 5 Raids. Players will also have a chance at catching a Shiny Darkrai for the first time in Pokémon Go.

From Friday, March 13, at 8 a.m. to Monday, March 16, at 10 p.m. local time, Altered Forme Giratina will appear in Level 5 Raids and also give players a chance at catching its Shiny Variant for the first time.

Cobalion returns to Level 5 Raids from Friday, March 20 at 8 a.m. to Monday, March 23 at 10 p.m. local time. Like the other two weekends, this will be the first time Shiny Cobalion appears in Pokémon Go. Cobalion caught in these Raids will also know the exclusive move, Sacred Sword.

And finally, Lugia will appear in Level 5 Raids from Friday, March 27 at 8 a.m. to Monday, March 30 at 10 p.m. local time. Not only will players have a chance at catching a Shiny Lugia during the event, these Legendaries will know the exclusive move, Aeroblast.


On the weekend of March 20, Normal, Fire, Electric, Water and Ice-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild.

Nincada, the rare Ground and Bug-type Pokémon will also appear in the wild and hatch more frequently from 5km Eggs. Shiny Nincada will also make its debut in Pokémon Go during this event.

Shelmet and Karrablast will also hatch more frequently from 5km Eggs while Level 1-4 Raids will feature Bug and Steel-type Pokémon.

This event will offer double the catch and hatch Stardust and there will also be a special research story event attached to this weekend. More details to come in the future.


The weekend of March 6 will see Team Go Rocket try and takeover Pokémon Go once again.

Poison and Dark-type Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild including Absol, which is normally a Pokémon found only in Raids. This event will mark the debut of Shiny Skorupi.


The weekend of March 27 will see the debut of two Psychic-type Pokémon from the Unova region, Solosis and Gothita.

Solosis will be found in the wild during the day while Gothita can be encountered at night. Both Pokémon will appear in 5km Eggs after the event is over.

Abra, Drowzee, Ralts, Spoink, Baltoy, Wynaut, Beldum, Gothita and Solosis will hatch more frequently from 2km Eggs during the event with Baltoy having its Shiny variant debut.

Psychic-type Pokémon will also start appearing in Raids and appear more frequently in the wild. There will also be Field Research specifically tied to this event.

What do you think of the upcoming Pokémon Go events in March? Which are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments section.