'Pokémon Go' Battle Day: Start Time, Catching Marill and More

The Pokémon Go Battle League continues to evolve and Niantic revealed two new developments this week, the first is Leaderboards and the other is a new event type in the popular mobile game called Go Battle Day.

Similar to the Community Days that allow players to go outside and catch as many of the spotlight Pokémon as possible, Go Battle Day will let trainers battle it out and earn a particular Pokémon as a reward.

This Sunday, Marill will be the first spotlight Pokémon for Go Battle Day and will give players looking to get into competitive Pokémon Go battling a chance at catching one of the most used 'Mon in the game.

If you want to take full advantage of Marill Go Battle Day in Pokémon Go, continue reading for all the important information.

pokemon go battle day marill


The Marill Pokémon Go Battle Day event runs Sunday, April 12 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time.


Marill is a Water and Fairy-type Pokémon that evolves into Azumarill, which has become one of the most used in the Great League. Its typing make it only weak to just Grass, Electric and Poison-type attacks, and has a good array of attacks that do well against powerful Pokémon in that League.

Dragon, Fighting, Rock, and Fire-type Pokémon will have problems against Azumarill. So if you're looking to make a splash into Pokémon Go PVP, you'll want to catch as many Marill as possible.

To catch Marill during the Go Battle Day, trainers will have to just win PVP battles. Niantic confirms that players will get a guaranteed Marill encounter after your first and third wins.

A Premium Battle Pass will produce a Marill encounter after every win as a guaranteed Premium Reward. It should be noted that rewards for ranking up, such as the Pikachu Libre encounter at rank 10, will remain the same.

In addition, all day on Go Battle Day: Marill (from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. local time), players will be able to complete 20 sets of Go Battle League battles, up from the regular five sets, for a total of up to 100 battles. That's potentially 50 Marill encounters or 100 potential Marill encounters if you use a Premium Battle Pass.

During the three-hour event, trainers will also receive double the Stardust from catching Marill.

What do you think of the new event in Pokémon Go? What Pokémon are you using on your Go Battle League? Let us know in the comments section.