'Pokémon Go' November Update Brings Shedinja and Shiny Caterpie to the Game

Ahead of November, Niantic announced the special research tasks for the upcoming month and what Pokémon Go players can expect, including a chance to catch Shedinja and Shiny Caterpie.

Beginning Nov. 1, research tasks will shift from the Water types to the Bug types. Suicune will no longer be the Special Research encounter, and Shedinja the Bug and Ghost-type Pokémon will take its place. If you haven't captured the Legendary Beast, you'll only have until the first of the month to do so.

Once a Pokémon Go trainer receives a seventh stamp on their research progress in November, the prize will be Shedinja. Surprisingly, Niantic hasn't confirmed Nincada or Ninjask, two Pokémon in Shedinja's line, making their debuts in Pokémon Go but trainers can probably expect them to start appearing either in the wild or as a part of the research tasks.

pokemon go november update
The November update in 'Pokemon Go' will bring Shedinja to the game. Niantic

Nincada is a Ground and Bug-type Pokémon that evolves into Ninjask, a Bug and Flying-type. In the mainline Pokémon Games, Shedinja can only be obtained when a trainer evolved Nincada into Ninjask when there's an empty slot in the party. Shedinja would automatically appear in the trainer's party.

November Research tasks found in PokeStops throughout the month will include encounters with Bug types. Caterpie will likely be one of these encounters, giving players an extra chance to find its Shiny Form.

Shiny Caterpie changes from its normal green color and becomes gold, so it'll be easy to distinguish when trainers try to catch it.

More details on the November Pokémon Go update will come out on the first, including what the tasks entail and the likely change in Raid Bosses.

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