'Pokémon Go' Raid Boss Update: Palkia is New Legendary Raid

The Hoenn Celebration in Pokémon Go has ended, so that means Raids have updated to feature a new crop of powerful Pokémon, including the debut of Legendary Pokémon Palkia.

From 4 p.m. EST on January 29 to 4 p.m. on February 28, Palkia will show up in the Legendary Level 5 Raids in place of Groudon and Kyogre. Alongside this behemoth will be some new and old faces familiar to veteran Pokémon Go players.

However, if you're looking for how to catch Palkia here are the best counters:

pokemon go palkia


Palkia is one of many Legendary Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region. It's a Water and Dragon-type Pokémon and has only two weakness— Dragon and Fairy-type attacks. Its typing gives it a lot of resistances so don't use the following attacks when going up against Palkia: Fire, Steel, Water.

The Legendary Pokémon will likely have Draco Meteor as its Charged Attack, so be careful when bringing other Dragon-types into battle. Instead, you may want to bring Fairy-type Pokémon. However, if you come across a Palkia that doesn't have Draco Meteor, be sure to bring as many Dragons as you can.

Pokémon Go trainers can tell what Charged Attack Palkia has based on the suggested team the mobile game gives you. If you notice a lot of Fairy and Steel-type Pokémon, then that Palkia will likely know Draco Meteor.

Here's a list of Pokémon that will do well against Palkia in Raid Battles.

  • Rayquaza with Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Dragonite with Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Latios with Dragon Pulse and Dragon Claw
  • Salamence with Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor
  • Latias with Dragon Breath and Outrage
  • Togekiss with Hidden Power (Dragon) and Dazzling Gleam
  • Gardevoir with Confusion and Dazzling Gleam


Aside from Palkia, the rest of the Raid Bosses with this new update are a mix of some familiar faces and relatively new ones. Pokémon like Jolteon are reportedly making a return while old Raid favorites like Mawile continue to be present.

Here's the list of current Raid Bosses and will update as more information is gathered.

Tier 1

Magikarp (Shiny chance)

Dratini (Shiny chance)

Swablu (Shiny chance)


Shinx (Shiny chance)


Tier 2

Alolan Exeggutor


Sableye (Shiny chance)

Mawile (Shiny chance)

Tier 3





Tier 4

Alolan Marowak (Shiny chance)




Absol (Shiny chance)

Tier 5


Deoxys (Attack Form) - EX Raid

What team are you bringing to take down Palkia? Let us know in the comments section below.