'Pokémon Go' Research Task Update: September Missions Include Shiny Growlithe and New Spinda

The latest Pokémon Go update is live and not only has it changed the Research Breakthroughs to include Entei, but the research tasks found in PokeStops are now themed after Fire types.

New updates and events normally facilitate the changes in Research Tasks and that's the case in September. Starting Sept. 1 at 4 p.m. EDT, Pokémon Go players will be able to catch an Entei after a Research Breakthrough is claimed.

Research Tasks from PokeStops will also change, allowing for new Pokémon encounters. The August Research Task update included two new Shiny Pokémon to the game, Snubbull and Houndour. Reports state that Shiny Growlithe has now been added to the game. A third Spinda pattern was also added to the game.

Here's a list of the new research tasks for September separated by item rewards and Pokémon encounters. Note that this list is still being updated.

pokemon go entei
Entei is now a Research Breakthrough in 'Pokemon Go' in September Niantic


  • Make A Great Curveball Throw: Spinda #3
  • Make three Great Throws: Gastly
  • Make three Great Throws In A Row: Onix
  • Make five Nice Throws: Voltorb
  • Make three Excellent Throws In A Row: Larvitar
  • Battle In A Gym: Mankey
  • Win A Gym Battle: Squirtle/Charmander/Bulbasaur
  • Win three Gym Battles: Jynx
  • Win five Gym Battles: Machop
  • Use A Supereffective Charged Move in seven Gym Battles: Electabuzz
  • Evolve five Fire-Type Pokemon: Ninetales
  • Evolve A Pokemon: Eevee
  • Hatch An Egg: Exeggcute
  • Hatch three Eggs: Magmar
  • Hatch five Eggs: Chansey
  • Catch A Rattata or Pikachu: Phanpy
  • Send 5 Gifts: Roselia
  • Earn 1 Buddy Candy: Numel
  • Use 10 Berries on Pokemon: Growlithe
  • Power Up Pokemon three Times: Koffing
  • Catch five Pokemon with Weather Boost: Vulpix/Poliwag
  • Catch A Dragon-Type Pokemon: Dratini
  • Catch 10 Pokemon: Magikarp
  • Power Up Pokemon five Times: Squirtle/Charmander/Bulbasaur


  • Catch five Fire-Type Pokemon: Silver Pinap Berry