'Pokémon Go' Community Day: Shiny Abra, Start Time and Everything You Need to Know

The Abra Community Day event in Pokémon Go is finally here. After being rescheduled from its original March date due to the coronavirus pandemic, Niantic has developed a way to allow Pokémon Go players to enjoy the most popular in-game event from anywhere, including the safety of their home.

Abra Community Day will go down this Saturday, but Niantic describes in its official blog how this event will be different from the past, which we'll detail below.

Also, Pokémon Go players can pay $1 to unlock an exclusive Special Research story to unlock 13,000 Stardust, a Poffin, a Rocket Radar and other rewards. The story can be purchased now in the in-game store and will go live when the event begins.

If you want to learn everything about the Pokémon Go Abra Community Day read on.

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The Pokémon Go Abra Community Day event begins Saturday, April 25 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., local time.

Niantic has increased the time of the event to six hours from the usual three to allow players more chances to catch Abra and find its Shiny form.


As with past Community Day events, the spotlight Pokémon is having its Shiny form debut in the popular mobile game. Abra will be appearing more frequently in the wild, so trainers will have a lot of opportunities to find and catch a Shiny Abra.

If you're one to collect these Shiny Pokémon, Community Day will be your best chance as the rate of encountering a Shiny Abra will be increased during the event time.

Shiny Abra is a tad difficult to distinguish from its original coloring. Abra is normally yellow and brown, but in its Shiny form the color changes to a more washed-out coloring. When it evolves to an Alakazam, its brown colors turn to pink.


Evolving your Abra into a Kadabra and finally an Alakazam will give your Pokémon access to an exclusive move. For Abra Community Day, Alakazam will learn the fast attack, Counter.

Counter is a fast and strong Fighting-type attack and gives Alakazam a powerful option to take on some Pokémon that it may normally have a hard time fighting such as Steel and Dark-type Pokémon.

Abra caught prior to the event will learn Counter upon evolving to Alakazam; trainers will just need to be sure to perform the evolution from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., local time.


As for in-game bonuses during the Abra Community Day, Lures will last for three hours instead of the usual one.

Trainers will earn three times the amount of Stardust for catching Pokémon. Buddy Pokémon will bring helpful items like PokeBalls during the event if it's at a "Great" or higher ranking with you.

Niantic is also teasing a special surprise for taking a snapshot with your Buddy Pokémon.

What do you think of the Abra Community Day event? What are you looking forward to most during this event? Let us know in the comments section.