'Pokémon Go' Sinnoh Region Pokémon Coming Soon

It's official, Sinnoh region Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Go soon. While we don't have a firm release date yet, we do know of a few other changes we can expect to see in the smash-hit mobile game from Niantic and Nintendo.

The forthcoming gameplay changes have been outlined in a post on the Pokémon website. The changes include an update to Pokémon migration patterns, meaning we'll see different Pokémon by our houses soon. There will also be a greater variety of Pokémon found at places marked as parks and nature preserves. Additionally, weather will have a decreased impact when it comes to spawning new Pokémon.

Battle mechanics will be overhauled in the upcoming Pokémon Go update. These include CP adjustments to make Pokémon more balanced, HP values and defense will largely be lowered for every Pokémon. However, thanks to an update to stamina stats, Pokémon with strong defense now have a viable strategy in outlasting an opponent's attacks instead of trying to down them first.

Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig are coming to 'Pokemon Go' soon Pokemon Company

As for what Pokémon we can expect to catch, a full list of the fourth generation can be found here. It's likely all of the Pokémon will not be included at launch, but it's safe to say the starters will be included from the get go. The fourth generation starters include Chimchar the fire monkey, Piplup the water penguin and Turtwig the grass turtle.

Plenty of Pokémon will see new evolutions added in the Sinnoh update as well. Pokémon like Murkrow, Magneton, Rhydon and Magmar all have new evolutions, so be sure to save up your candy. A full list of the candy you should focus on saving can be found here.

When will the new Pokémon be ready to catch? We aren't sure just yet, but since Nintendo and Niantic are making an official announcement, it's likely we'll see the new additions sooner rather than later. I wouldn't be surprised to be catching many of the new fourth generation Pokémon by the end of the month. Keep an eye on the official Twitter account for all the up-to-date information.

So what do you think? Are you excited to start your next adventure with Sinnoh Region Pokémon? What other features and updates would you like to see added to Pokémon Go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.