'Pokémon Go' Slakoth Community Day Announced For June 8

pokemon go slakoth june 8 community day

Following the Torchic Community Day in Pokémon Go, Niantic has confirmed the date for the next event in June and that Slakoth will be the spotlight Pokémon.

On June 8, between 3-6 p.m. local time, Pokémon Go trainers will see an increase in Slakoth spawns. Slakoth is a Normal-type Pokémon that evolves twice, first into Vigoroth and then into the hulking Slaking.

Slakoth is currently found in 10km Eggs so this is the perfect time to catch as many of the Pokémon as possible.

Niantic also confirmed some of the in-game bonuses for the June Pokémon Go Community Day. These include Eggs requiring just a quarter of their usual distance to hatch and Lures lasting for three hours instead of the usual one.

Here are the distances of Eggs during the Slakoth Pokémon Go Community Day for easy reference:

2km -> .5km

5km -> .1.25

7km -> 1.75

10km -> 2.5km

Like with past Community Day events, Slakoth will learn an exclusive move when it's fully evolved into Slaking. Niantic has yet to reveal what that attack will be, but fans can expect the announcement during the week of the event.

Also, Pokémon Go players should expect for Shiny Slakoth to make its debut in the mobile game. Though it hasn't been officially confirmed by Niantic, each spotlight Pokémon received their Shiny variation during the Community Day so the same will likely happen with Slakoth.

The Torchic Community Day event in May saw the addition of Blaze Kick as a move in Pokémon Go, so there may be more secrets to the event that have yet to be revealed. We'll continue to update with more information as it comes.

Currently, the Raid Week event is underway in Pokémon Go, giving players access to more rare Pokémon in Raid Battles while introducing Shiny Bronzor to the game.

The Community Day events that took place in 2019 include Torchic in May, Bagon in April, Treecko in March, Swinub in February and Totodile in January. Pokémon Go trainers can expect the July Community Day to feature Mudkip.

What do you think of the upcoming Pokémon Go Community Day? What do you think the exclusive move will be? Let us know in the comments section below.