'Pokémon Go' Totodile Community Day Coming in January

Heading into 2019, Niantic announced the first Pokémon Go Community Day event for the new year and it features the Water-type starter of the Johto Region, Totodile.

Pokémon Go fans who have followed the Community Day events probably thought the water gator would be the spotlight Pokémon after Chikorita and Cyndaquil received their turns in 2018.

On Saturday, January 12 Pokémon Go players will experience an increased spawn rate of Totodile from 2 -5 p.m. EST. Lures will last three hours instead of the usual one, and Niantic revealed that Eggs will hatch in a quarter of the time. That means 2km will hatch in .5km, 5 km will hatch in 1.25km, 7km will hatch in 1.75km, and 10km will hatch in 2.5km.

pokemon go totodile community day
Totodile is the next Pokemon getting the spotlight for Community Day. Niantic

However, the exclusive move that will be learned by Feraligatr, Totodile's final evolution, during the three-hour event was not revealed. The Squirtle Community Day event gave Blastoise Hydro Cannon, a move that can only be learned by the Water-type Starter Pokémon in the mainline games. Chikorita, like Bulbasaur, learned Frenzy Plant and Cyndaquil, like Charmander, learned Blast Burn upon evolving. It's safe to assume that Totodile will learn Hydro Cannon upon evolving to Feraligatr on January 12.

The upcoming Pokémon Go Community Day event will also likely see the debut of Shiny Totodile and its evolutions, Croconaw and Feraligatr. Shiny Totodile doesn't look all that different from its normal counterpart so be sure to look for the star symbol near the name when trying to catch it.

Shiny Croconaw and Feraligatr have their red spikes turned blue so at least there's that.

While Pokémon Go trainers wait for the next Community Day, the Holiday 2018 event is currently underway giving access to new Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region, as well as the debut of Heatran in Raid Battles. Be sure to check out all the goodies you can get in our Holiday 2018 roundup.

If there's any more updates on the Totodile Pokémon Go Community Day event we will update, but in the meantime let us know what you think of this upcoming update in the comments section below.

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