U.K. Pokémon Go Player Claims to Be First to Catch 'Em All

Pokemon Go
A young man plays the augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go," July 28. The first man to catch all the British Pokémon also says he lost weight while playing. Sergio Perez/Reuters

Sam Clark, a British Pokemon Go player who has been hunting the monsters around the southern English towns of Southampton and Gosport, claims to be the first in the country to "catch 'em all."

Clark posted a YouTube video showing he had the complete set of 142 Pokemon, and said that playing the game had had other benefits: "Dropped two jean sizes from this game so rock on," he wrote in the video's description.

As well as the full set of U.K. Pokemon, 33-year-old Clark says he managed to get a Tauros, which is exclusive to the U.S., by hatching it from one of the game's virtual eggs.

"This is the game I've waited for for 20 years. It's taken this long for the technology to catch up," Clark told the BBC.

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"It brings people together — there is no competition, everyone is just chuffed if you catch them. It's unreal — when you are in the park you can tell who is looking for them and everyone smiles and waves," he added.

Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson reportedly caught all the monsters available in the U.S.

U.K. Pokémon Go Player Claims to Be First to Catch 'Em All | World