'Pokémon Let's Go' Fan Reaction: Did Kanto Reimagined Live up to the Hype?

Pokémon Let's Go, Eevee and Pikachu are the first real pocket monster games on the Nintendo Switch. Ever since the console was first announced in 2016, fans' brains immediately went to imagining a hi-resolution version of their favorite franchise. Free from the confines and limitations of a Gameboy, Game Freak could really create an experience unlike any other. The time for speculation has finally come to a close and we can see what players are starting to think about their favorite game.

Overall, the response seems to be mixed. Many players love the nostalgic feel of the Kanto region upgraded with modern hardware. Riding around on your own personal Persian as an Eevee grips to your scalp is a dream come true. Hearing the battle theme remastered with a full orchestra as you take down Gym leaders and catch monsters is enough to give a 20-something a nostalgic heart attack.

Dressing up your partner and having them follow by your side is a first for the series.

But fan reception hasn't been overwhelmingly positive. The game's simplified mechanics, catching system and rehashed story seem to be upsetting a very vocal minority. The MetaCritic score for Pokémon Let's Go is sitting at a 5.3, up from last night when it was nuked into a 3.2. These reviewers feel that this isn't a proper Pokémon game, that the simplified controls and rehashed mechanics make it more suitable for children. "It's like they decided to make cuteness the central theme but disregard every other aspect of gameplay," wrote one user. "This game clearly sacrificed its natural audience by ruining any shreds of difficulty the game had prior," wrote another.

These players all share a common theme: that the series used to be better. Pokémon is a huge part of a millenial's childhood and to see it watered down so modern kids can play upsets them. This is a game made for most audiences, that you don't need to play the original Red and Blue to enjoy. It's a drastic departure from Sun and Moon but that isn't a bad thing. Nothing is the same as you remember it, it's one of the biggest parts of getting older.

Personally, I believe Pokémon Let's Go is a precious game. Missing the random encounters in tall grass and Bill's PC did scare me away in the beginning, but I began to adapt as I kept playing. Riding an Arcanine around a field will never get boring to me.

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