'Pokémon Let's Go' Tips and Tricks: Guides For Being a Master

Pokémon Let's Go is finally available, bringing Game Freak's classic franchise to the Nintendo Switch. The game borrows heavily from Pokémon games of the past while still finding new ways to spice up the formula. Combining the ball-catching of Pokémon Go with the world and story of Pokémon Yellow and you have a game that's endeering to kids and (most) adults. If you're a brand new trainer or a seasoned Pokémon master, here are a few tips, tricks and guides to help you on master Pokémon Let's Go: Eevee and Pikachu .

  • Saving Pokeballs- The biggest difference between Let's Go and other Pokémon titles is the monster capturing system. Gone are the days of walking on patches of grass and having a randomly generated monster flung at your face. Now, pocket monster sprites appear in the overworld and bumping into one activates a minigame. It plays like Pokémon Go : throw the ball in the middle of the screen, trying to get as far center as possible. The smaller the circle, the more likely you are to catch.
  • Handheld Catch- There are two different ways to catch pocket monsters: undocked (by aiming with the Switch) and docked (by mimicking a throwing motion with your joy-con or ball controller.) I wasted dozens of pokeballs before I realized how much easier aiming is with an undocked Switch. If you're running low on balls, either head to Poke' Mart, beat some trainers or undock your Switch.
  • Duo Catch- You don't actually need a second person to play Let's Go co-op. If you are using a single joy-con to play, shake the other one while the small two-player green icon pops in the corner. You will get a second Pokémon for battle or a second hand to catch with. If you start to feel lonely, just take solace in the fact that you are cheating in a game made for children.
  • Free Arcanine (or Persian)- In Vermillion City (next to the the fan club) you'll find a woman that's willing to trade for an exclusive Pokémon. You'll either get an Arcanine if you're playing Eevee or Persian if you're playing Pikachu . You'll need to catch five Meowths (which can be found north of Cerulean City in Eevee) or Growlithes (in Route 5 in Pikachu.)
  • Grind Experience- The single best way to grind experience is by catching Pokémon. Battles don't have score multipliers, while you can gain more experience by catching with a single ball, acute accuracy or by throwing with your duo partner. My girlfriend and I are playing the game at the same time; she likes to catch and grind while I'm all about completing the story. Her monsters are five levels ahead of mine, even though we are in the same part of the game.
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Pokémon: Let's Go is great for old and newer players Nintendo

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