'Pokémon Let's Go' Master Trainer Locations: Where to Find Every Post-Game Battle

There's quite a bit you can do in the Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee post-game, but by far the toughest is the Master Trainer challenge.

Master Trainers are special NPCs that specialize in one particular Pokémon. There is one Master Trainer for all 151 Pokémon of the Kanto Region so you'll have a bit of a time trying to find and defeat them all.

Scattered throughout the Kanto Region, these Master Trainers are relatively easy to find. They will normally be in towns, routes and caves with the sprite of their specialty Pokémon hovering above their heads. They can also be found in homes, so don't forget to check those.

Master Trainers will only face you if you're using the same species of Pokémon in a one-on-one battle. So if you find the Metapod Master, you'll need to battle them with your own Metapod.

Also, that Pokémon must be in the first slot of you party (top left) or they won't accept your challenge.

If you think these Trainers will be a cakewalk think again, but we'll let you decide how easy or hard they are. Below you can find each Master Trainer's location.

Note: This list is still being compiled and will be updated

pokemon lets go charizard vs charizard
Who will be the Charizard master? Pokemon Company


Bulbasaur - Route 4 between Mt. Moon and Cerulean City (recommend going through Mt. Moon)

Ivysaur - Route 14 East of Fuschia City next to the water

Venusaur - Exit of Victory Road

Charmander - Top floor of Celadon Condominiums (enter through the back)

Charmeleon - Route 10 (exit of Rock Tunnel)

Charizard - Route 23 outside of Indigo Plateau

Squirtle - Route 12 (south of Lavender Town)

Wartortle - Route 20 (east of Cinnabar Island)

Blastoise - Seafoam Islands entrance

Caterpie - Route 18 (west of Fuschia City)

Metapod - Route 11 (east of Vermillion City)

Butterfree - Route 2 in security walkway (Pewter City Side)

Weedle - Viridian Forest (in the middle)

Kakuna - Route 13 (need Chop Down)

Beedrill - Route 8 (need Chop Down)

Pidgey - Route 2 (Viridian City side)

Pidgeotto - Route 16 (west of Celadon City)

Pidgeot - Passageway south of Lavender Town

Rattata - Route 10 near Pokemon Center

Raticate - Cerulean City inside the house trashed by Team Rocket grunt

Spearow - Pewter City near entrance

Fearow - Route 18 (west of Fuschia City)

Ekans - Route 4 (best way to get to them is exiting Mt. Moon)

Arbok - Celadon City Game Corner (B1)

Pikachu - Viridian Forest (near the end)

Raichu - Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town (second to last floor)

Sandshrew - Route 11 (east of Vermillion City)

Sandslash - Passageway connecting Celadon and Saffron City

Nidoran (F) - Route 3 (east of Pewter City)

Nidorina - Underground Path

Nidoqueen - Route 23

Nidoran (M) - Route 4 (south of Mt. Moon entrance)

Nidorino - Underground Path

Nidoking - Route 23

Clefairy - Front of Silph Co. (Saffron City)

Clefable - Mt. Moon (one floor down when you enter)

Vulpix - Route 6 (north of Vermillion City)

Ninetails - Route 9

Jigglypuff - Pewter City Pokemon Center

Wigglytuff - Silph Co. building (top floor)

Zubat - Rock Tunnel (one floor below exit)

Golbat - Victory Road (one floor above exit)

Oddish - Viridian City (Outside of Poke Mart)

Gloom - Pewter City behind house in the west

Vileplume - Route 14

Paras - Mt. Moon (floor you enter)

Parasect - East Route 2 (Needs Chop Down)

Venonat - Route 24 (left of Nugget Bridge in Cerulean City)

Venomoth - Route 15 (east of Fuschia City/Need Chop Down)

Diglett - Diglett's Cave

Dugtrio - Diglett's Cave

Meowth - Inside Viridian City Poke Mart

Persian - Team Rocket Hideout in Celadon City

Psyduck - Route north of Cinnabar Island (Need Surf)

Golduck - Rouet 4 in the water near Mysterious Cave (Need Surf)

Mankey - Route 5 south of Cerulean City

Primeape - Passageway between Route 11 and 12 (upstairs)

Growlithe - Route 7

Arcanine - Celadon City Hotel

Poliwag - Route 12

Poliwhirl - Cerulean City inside house west of Pokemon Center

Poliwrath - Cerulean City (back of the house with the pool)

Abra - Viridian City Southwest corner near the small body of water

Kadabra - Mr. Psychic's House (Saffron City)

Alakazam - Route 10 (outside Rock Tunnel exit)

Machop - Silph Co. - 4F (Saffron City)

Machoke - Fisherman's house (Fuschia City)

Machamp - Vermillion City near the area where the Machop is

Bellsprout - Inside Trainer's School (Viridian City)

Weepinbell - Pokemon Tower - top floor (Lavender Town)

Victreebel - Outside Celadon City Gym

Tentacool - Outside Seafoam Islands

Tentacruel - Route 20 (east of Cinnabar Island)

Geodude - Rock Tunnel

Graveler - Victory Road

Golem - Pewter City Science Museum - top floor

Ponyta - Front of Saffron City Poke Mart

Rapidash - Northwest Saffron City

Slowpoke - North of Cinnabar Island (Need Surf)

Slowbro - North of Cinnabar Island (Need Surf)

Magnemite - Underground Path

Magneton - Underground Path

Farfetch'd - Outside Vermillion City Pokemon Center

Doduo - Inside Bike Shop in Cerulean City

Dodrio - Route 15 (east of Fuschia City)

Seel - Seafoam Islands (first floor)

Dewgong - Seaforam Islands

Grimer - Next to old man with the pond in front of his house (Celadon City)

Muk - Pokemon Mansion (second floor)

Shellder - South of Fuschia City (need Surf)

Cloyster - Exit of Seafoam Islands

Gastly - Behind Lavender Town Pokemon Center

Haunter - Lavender Town behind two houses

Gengar - Behind Lavender Town Poke Mart

Onix - Underground Path

Drowzee - Viridian City Pokemon Center

Hypno - Pokemon Tower (Lavender Town)

Krabby - Pokemon Fan Club (Vermillion City)

Kingler - Silph Co. Lobby (Saffron City)

Voltorb - Power Plant

Electrode - Route 17

Exeggcute - Route 25 (near Bill's house)

Exeggutor - Cinnabar Island

Cubone - Passageway between Route 8 and Saffron City

Marowak - Lavender Town (house in front of Pokemon Center)

Hitmonlee - Fighting Dojo (Saffron City)

Hitmonchan - Fighting Dojo (Saffron City)

Likitung - Passageway between Celadon and Route 17 (upstairs)

Koffing - Route 17

Weezing - Team Rocket Hideout - B2 (Celadon City)

Rhyhorn - Route 17

Rhydon - Team Rocket Hideout - B1 (Celadon City)

Chansey - Fuschia City Pokemon Center

Tangela - Route 15 (east of Fuschia City)

Kangaskhan - Fuschia City Behind the Omanyte Pool

Horsea - South of Fuschia City (Need Surf)

Seadra - Route 12 (south of Lavender Town/Need Surf)

Goldeen - Route 12 (south of Lavender Town/Need Surf)

Seaking - Route 13 (Need Surf)

Staryu - Route 19 just south of Fuschia City

Starmie - Route 25 (near Bill's house)

Mr. Mime - Celadon Condominiums (second floor)

Scyther - Passageway between Fuschia City and Route 15 (upstairs)

Jynx - Cerulean City to the west (Need Surf)

Electabuzz - Route 10 on the side of Power Plant

Magmar - Pokemon Mansion (first floor)

Pinsir - Passageway between Fuschia City and Route 18

Tauros - Fuschia City near the Kangaskhan

Magikarp - Mt. Moon Pokemon Center

Gyarados - Celadon City hotel

Lapras - Pokemon Tower (Lavender Town)

Ditto - Pokemon Mansion (Cinnabar Island/third floor)

Eevee - Route 17

Vaporeon - Celadon City Dept. Store (second floor)

Jolteon - Celadon City Dept. Store (third floor)

Flareon - Celadon City Dept. Store (fourth floor)

Porygon - Inside Game Corner (Celadon City)

Omanyte - Mt. Moon

Omastar - Pokemon Lab (Cinnabar Island)

Kabuto - Mt. Moon

Kabutops - Inside one of the houses in Pewter City

Aerodactyl - Pewter City Museum

Snorlax - Route 16

Moltres - Victory Road (where Moltres can be caught)

Zapdos - Power Plant (where Zapdos can be caught)

Articuno - Seafoam Islands (where Articuno can be caught)

Dratini - Route 23

Dragonair - Seafoam Islands

Dragonite - Inside house behind Cerulean City Pokemon Center

Mewtwo - Pokemon Mansion (basement)

Mew - Pokemon Mansion (basement)

Meltan - Pokemon Mansion (basement)

Melmetal - Pokemon Mansion (basement)