'Pokémon Let's Go' Money Farm: Fastest Way to Earn PokeDollars

In Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee catching is the name of the game. You'll want to not only catch as many Pokémon as you can to fill up your PokeDex, but it's the best way to level up your party and catch Shiny Pokémon.

But as you make your way across the Kanto Region you may find money to be scarce, especially if you're looking to purchase as many PokeBalls as possible.

If you're looking to make a maximum amount of money in the shortest amount of time, you can try these steps. Soon you'll have a lucrative Pokémon Let's Go money farm running and the catch grind gets a lot easier.

persian pokemon lets go
Persian and Pay Day are crucial to making money in 'Pokemon Let's Go' Nintendo


Before we get into the most efficient way to making money in Pokémon Let's Go here are a couple of ways that don't take a lot of strategy but do take up more time.

The first way is to sell items. The two best items to sell are Pokémon candy and PokeBalls. Pokémon Candy can be farmed by catching Pokémon after you've used Nanab Berries on them to increase the amount of items earned after captures.

Candies don't yield the most amount of money, but if you're looking for some quick cash you can pawn off ones you don't plan on using.

PokéBalls are given to you by NPCs found in the various caves in the Kanto Region. These NPCs will check to see if you have less than 10 PokéBalls and gift you 10 more. You can sell these extra PokéBalls in the PokéMart. Again, they won't give a lot of money, and running from the NPC to the PokéMart takes a lot of time but it's an option.

If you're looking to sell berries, the area in the Cerulean Cave where you find Chansey (check our leveling guide) gives hidden items in the circles of light on the ground. You can pick up berries and extra PokéBalls to sell.


While selling extra inventory is easy, the best way to farm money in Pokémon Let's Go is by battling through the Elite Four.

Now, after you've defeated the Elite Four the first time and become Pokémon League Champion you can challenge them over and over again. Defeating each member of the Elite Four yields the most money in all of Kanto but you can increase the amount of cash you earn by using the move Pay Day.

Pay Day is a unique attack that drops extra money after a battle, depending on how often you use it. The attack can only be learned by Meowth, and its evolution Persian, by level up but it does come as a Technical Machine (TM) in Let's Go. The TM for Pay Day can be found by defeating the Coach Trainer on Route 4, just outside Mt. Moon.

By using the TM, Pay Day can be learned by a variety of Pokémon in Let's Go so trainers have options. But the strategy behind this money-making scheme is spamming Pay Day until you defeat the Elite Four.

Each time Pay Day is used, you'll pick up an extra 500 PokeDollars so use it as often as possible. You'll also want to use the Joy-Cons when taking on the Elite Four to bring a Support Trainer with you and make it a two-on-one battle. This will double the amount of Pay Days are used and your money. Double team the Elite Four until you become Champion. Do this over and over to earn money.

Ghost Pokémon used by Agatha can be a problem, as Pay Day won't affect them. So when you face her make sure you have Pokémon in the battle with an attack that can hurt her Ghosts and you should be fine.

What do you think of this strategy for making money in Let's Go? Is there an easier way? Let us know in the comments section below.

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