'Pokémon Masters' Battle Villa: Basics, Lucky Skills, Treats & How They Work

The latest update for Pokémon Masters is here, and it brings the Battle Villa to players in a new single-player mode.

Pokémon Masters' Battle Villa is a survival-esque mode that tests trainers' skills as they climb up the ladder in 25 grueling battles. There are lots of restrictions, twists and turns that players will learn as they go along.

Along with the Battle Villa, Lucky Skills have also been introduced in Pokémon Masters , giving Sync Pairs more ways to be buffed.

If you're looking to excel in the Battle Villa and understand what Lucky Skills are, here's everything you need to know.

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The Battle Villa is a limited-time event that pits your Sync Pairs against 25 straight battles in a survival mode.

Starting from Hall 1, you'll enter a battle. Defeating your opponent unlocks the next Hall all the way until Hall 25. The catch, however, is that you can only choose nine Sync Pairs from your roster of teams. Once a Sync Pair enters a match in the Battle Villa they are locked in, and you won't be able to choose any more after the ninth pair until the next day at 1 a.m. ET. Sync Pairs will also have their HP and MP refreshed each day, and any pair that is knocked out will be revived at the start of the new cycle.

The damage your Sync Pairs take carries over into the next battle, but, more importantly, your attacks that have MP, like the recovery and X-items, won't replenish when you enter the next battle. If you use your X-Attack, for example, once in Hall 3 you'll only have one more use of X-Attack for the rest of the ladder climb.

Each Hall has its own weaknesses, but it's impossible to bring all the types with you into battle. Scroll up to see which types of Pokémon you'll need for the later rounds, because those are generally the hardest.

Hall 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 are all milestones on the ladder, and they grant more items. These items can include Gems or a choice between two items like a Vitality or Vigor treat.

pokemon masters battle villa sync pair team
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There are new items that can replenish your HP and MP called Vitality Treats. There are a variety of items that can fill your HP and MP in between battles, but, if your Sync Pair is knocked out, you won't be able to revive it with these items.

Vigor Treats can be used in the battle start screen. Certain items can increase stats when the battle begins. These effects do not carry over into the next battle and are deleted at the end of each challenge period.


Lucky Skills are a type of passive skill that provide beneficial effects when conditions are met, such as when a certain move is used.

There are four Lucky Skill slots that need to be unlocked by having your Sync Pair at a certain level. The first slot requires the Sync Pair to be at Level 80 and mandates five Lucky Scrolls, an item earned in the Battle Villa.

There are also Lucky Cookies that offer a random Lucky Skill to a Sync Pair. The following cookies grant a random Lucky Skill when given to your Sync Pair.

  • Crunchy Lucky Cookie - raises a Sync Pair's stats
  • Creamy Lucky Cookie - a skill that protects Sync Pairs against stat-lowering effects
  • Crispy Lucky Cookie - a Lucky Skill that protects Sync Pairs against status conditions and certain other conditions

What do you think of the Battle Villa feature? Which Sync Pairs are you taking into the Battle Villa? Let us know in the comments section.